Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Simplicity 2192

I bought this pattern way back. Recently though, I saw online a version of a skirt/shorts similar to these from I think Philip Lim or some other high end designer. Of course I can't find the link I found before but oh well. The version I found were probably out of a silk dupioni and super cute. I'd love to have a pair in dupioni but I don't know where I'd wear them or with what. Maybe I'll get some next time Joann's has a coupon. I think they carry it.

So my version is in a lightweight pinstripe twill. It's been aging in the stash awhile. I bought it as a remnant from my local indie. I had originally planned on a jean type skirt with it but I pulled it and really like it in this fabric.

I love the overlay, love it! I thought it might give too much oomph but I really like the line it gives. I probably should have cut out an 18, this is a 16, and the side seams are a bit too far back IMO. I ended up taking out the darts in the back to give me a bit more room and took really small seams in the overlay so that it would fit.

My shape is currently in flux with all this running I've been doing. I've actually put on 7 pounds in the last 8 - 9 weeks. Everyone keeps telling me it's muscle and I will drop the pounds here quickly. But, I went to the doctor for something else and we discussed the possiblity of me having thyroid issues. My weight, despite my attempts to maintain or lose, has been gradually going up over the last year or two. I just figured it was age and/or metabolism but we'll see. It would actually be a relief to know it's the thyroid. I really don't want to starve myself. Shoot, I've been running the last month alone 3 -4 times a week for 3 miles each time and watching my diet, I should be losing weight.

Oh well, I digress, but I think I'm going to switch back to sewing knitwear for awhile til I get this sorted out. But, I do love this skirt. It's basically 3 pieces that remind you of petals where they overlap. It's kind of short but not too bad, I'm short.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Colette Patterns Rooibos Sew-a-long

I thought this might be coming up since there was a poll about this pattern on their Facebook page. This is another Colette pattern that I've been wanting to make for a long time. I'll definitely be sewing it. I doubt I'll be able to stretch it out for the full 3 weeks but it will get sewn up during the sew-a-long.

Maybe I'll make two ;-)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vogue 1259 (aka...How to drive a math geek insane!)

I tried, I really tried, but man if you make one mistake you're SOL on this thing. It's like a game of twister. The pieces have names like "Front and Back" which is one piece. I think, maybe, sewing this with a fabric that has a distinct right side vs wrong side might help. Or maybe I'm just not suited to sewing things like this. I'm not a very good instruction follower, but this is crazy.

Good luck to those who try but I think this type of stuff will be something I splurge on in RTW. I might consider making the skirt in the future but the shirt...nope, no way!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Boho Skirt - Simplicity 2609

I bought this fabric last spring from Gorgeous Fabrics. It was an impulse purchase. It's a poly crepe de chine I think and slightly sheer. I've been trying to decide what to make with it. Initially I had planned on a maxi dress last summer but wimped out on making one. Also, I only had a little over two yards and when I ordered it I didn't even think about needing more...oops!

Also, I have sooooo many dresses! I mean, I love them, wear them and enjoy sewing them. But, I really need to expand my wardrobe to some seperates. So, I decided on a simple skirt. I can't do full at the waist so I chose this pattern. I didn't even notice that it had a seam down the middle so I opted to cut the two pieces on the fold. The front and back are the same. I like skirts with yokes because it, I think, helps lengthen my torso. Although with the shirt on you can't really tell. I did shorten the yoke by about 4 inches. It hit my! I also lengthened the skirt by about 6 inches.

I'm in love with the whole sheer maxi skirts they are showing. I like that this isn't super see through, just kind of. I can actually get away with wearing nothing underneath it. I didn't line it. I wanted it flowy and see through. I did make a tube skirt, kind of a straight yoga type skirt with a waistband to go under it. I have it on here. I'm wearing it to work tomorrow and will wear the underskirt for that but if I'm just running around, it'll probably just be some bike type shorts.

I have a sheer maxi dress planned, maybe not next but soon. And another Vogue 1250 in red silk jersey, and...., many things so little time.

The shirt is from a pattern I've had for two years. I saw it online and fell in love. Unfortunately it was sold out everywhere, even the pattern designer. So a two years ago I just happened to find it at the Sewing Expo here in Novi. I grabbed it up. I've made it once and was really disappointed in it. It wasn't the pattern but the flimsy fabric I had chosen to use. It didn't ruche very well and kind of sagged. For some reason yesterday though I pulled it out and wore it and I really liked it. I thought about making another one. When I got home tonight, I pulled out this blue poly and cut it out. It's just a cheap poly remnant from Joann's. As I was cutting it out, I realized it would go with this skirt. Kismet! I cut it out and sewed it up tonight. I spent so much time playing with that Twister dress and could have just used this pattern to make one, which I might just do!

The one shoulder has a tie that cinces it in. I'm on the fence whether I like it or not. There are pictures with both.

Since it's practically nonexistent, this was the best picture I could find.

I had a request from Heather to expound on my shoes. I do seem to get a lot of comments on them. I am quite the shoe-a-holic. I think it's genetic ;-) I'm a shoes sale stalker. I rarely ever pay full price for a pair of shoes. I get an idea of the shoe I want then I stalk every single shoe website I can find. Last year I wanted a pair of flat gladiator sandals and found something similar to these yellow ones in black at about $150. I searched around and found these yellow ones from the previous year for about $35, knocked down from about $100. I didn't plan on yellow but turns out I love them! They are BCBG.

A lot of my shoes are Nine West. I can buy them online and know they will fit. These however came from my local Elder Beerman, aka my lunchtime escape, at their yellow tag sale. I think they were $100 shoes I got for $40.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Run Forest Run...

Ok, no sewing in this post. I've taken up a new hobby...running. I was always one of those, "I only run if I'm being chased," people. I was a competitive swimmer, lettered in 3 sports in high school, but always HATED running. So when my 9 year old son decided he wanted to run, I, well, um, decided to be a good mom and support him, yeah, that's it ;-)

So, I kept putting off running because of my broken toe, but he kept wanting to do it. So, I laced up the new running shoes I bought and started the Couch to 5K program. Well, mine isn't the Couch to 5K proper. I found this on the ITunes store but you can download it without ITunes.

Podrunner Intervals

And surprisingly, I've made it to Week 7! I can't believe that 7 weeks ago I was hardly able to run the 60 second intervals. I'm up to running 25-30 minutes straight depending on the heat and time of day. I've found that I'm a much better morning runner than evening running. The heat wave has been horrendous the last couple of days and I struggled last night but I still managed to get 2.5 miles in, some walking in there, but I did something at least.

Oh, and ironically, my son has bailed on me. Not completely his fault, since he's had to get used to 9 hours of gymnastics practice a week. Adding running was just too much for his little body to deal with at the same time.

I'm actually looking forward to running. I think aliens have taken over my body. Speaking of the body, I keep wondering how or if this will change my body shape for sewing. I know I'm losing my upper hip fluff, which is a darn good thing to lose! I hate it! The girls aren't going anywhere but I could drop 20 pounds and they wouldn't budge. I'm hoping that it helps and defines my backside more since I'm pretty flat back there. Ironically though, I haven't lost a single pound, not one! I keep complaining to my DH and he keeps giving me the muscle vs. fat weight, yada yada yada speech but darnit, I want to see it on the scale!

I'm really planning on making this a habit. I've already started considering how I can do this come winter so I don't fall off the wagon. I've even been looking at buying some warm weather Under Armor fabric for some running pants. So any suggestions for making my own running gear will be appreciated. I think I will actually enjoy running in the winter. My asthma is giving me fits in the humidity but I do better with that when it's cold.

And since a post is no fun without a picture, he's one of my running route and running partner from Sunday.

Oh, and I am sewing still. I have this cut out in some pretty boho type crepe fabric. Simplicity 2609

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Colette Macaron

I have been wanting to make this pattern FOREVER! I keep pulling it out, looking at it, trying to match it up with fabric. I put it back, wait a couple months and pull it out again. I think the reasons I haven't made it are 1) I didn't feel like tracing it. I didn't want to cut it out in case it didn't fit. With a Big 4, you just wait til they're on sale again, then buy another one for a couple bucks. Can't do that with an indy pattern. 2) I just wasn't sure I could see myself in this dress. The high neck doesn't usually work on my chest. Plus, it's a pretty retro, girly design and that's not usually my style. 3) The fabric and contrast idea was also kind of meh to me. It was almost just a little too cutesy for me. I say that only for me, because I love all the versions I've seen with contrast. They look adorable on other people.

Ok, so I finally decided to just go for it. I do love the shape and was always so enamored of the versions other curvy shaped girls had done. It was so flattering on them.

I bought this fabric on the red tag table at Joann's, yes, another Joann's find. I'd seen this fabric a ton of times before and never bought. Finally, I was there and it was a 50% off day, so I just decided to get it. It is a pretty mid to heavy weight cotton sateen and comes in panels. I bought three panels for $10.50 total. I hoped three would give me some options. I knew a sheath dress or something similar would be cool for the design. I had this fabric out and kept pulling out patterns and nothing worked for me. On a whim, I pulled out the Macaron and ouila...I have a dress I absolutely LOVE!

I made no changes except maybe shortening the shoulders a smidge. I probably should have shortened the back bodice a half an inch looking at the pictures. Oh, and I should have done a slight forward shoulder adjustment. If I stand up straight, it's fine though ;-)! Next time I'll do both. This is an amazingly easy pattern.

I'm so happy with it!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Vogue 1250 Again

Ok Carolyn, this is for you ;-)

It's another two-fer day with posting. Don't expect this all the time.

I finally ended up making anothe Vogue 1250. I waffled about how it make it fit better and couldn't decide on the fabric. Sometimes I angst unnecessarily over such things. I had remembered seeing a picture on the Sartorialist of a woman in a navy blue dress with leopard print heels and I fell in love. So, in keeping with my trying to get some basics in my wardrobe, I chose this really nice navy blue cotton knit for it. It's heftier than just a plain knit and holds it's shape so far. I'm going to wear a slip under it so it doesn't get horribly stretched out during the day...fingers crossed.

I didn't like the first version because I thought it sat too low for me. The back waist seam hit too low on me and didn't look right or at least I thought so. Plus, I thought I needed more room in the bust.

First Version

I cut out the 16 again, but this time I shortened the bodice at the lines indicated by a full inch or a smidge more. The other thing I did was slide the large piece with the front and lower back away from the fold line by 1/2 inch, giving me an extra inch in the front. I couldn't figure out how to do an FBA and I figure this was the easiest way to get some added without messing things up too much. I think it worked great.

Unfortunately, my leopard print pumps still hurt the once broken baby toe, but I was able to get into another pair of my favorite heels without too much trouble. So tomorrow I will once again try to wear heels to work. I'll have a backup just in case.

I'm so happy I made another one of these. Oh and my BFF loved the one I sent her. She wore to a wedding recently and I was so excited to see pictures of her in it on Facebook. It fits her much better. She's a bit taller.

I just had to include this one. I thought it was too dark to take pictures so I started out inside. I set up the camera, clicked the delay button, walked to the spot and so did Swiper. He's become such a ham!

Simplicity 3503 Again....

I've made this a couple of times but never this version. I don't think I've ever reviewed it either because it's one of those patterns that has 100 reviews for it. Maybe I should now that I have a couple of them.

This is View E, which has the neckline double as the shoulder straps. I absolutely LOVE it! I bought this fabric of another sewist online and the minute I saw it I had to have it. It's a gorgeous rayon knit in teal with navy blue hibiscus flowers, or at least they look like that to me. There were 3 yards and I knew it would be my first maxi dress (well as an adult). I've shied away from them being as short as I am but the more I see them on shorter women, the more I realize I can do it too. In fact, it gives you a nice lean look.

I did not do contrasting anything with this. I could have used the navy blue cotton knit that I lined the bodice with, but I didn't want too, plus I had other ideas for the navy blue (A Vogue 1250, which is awesome but yet to be photographed).

After a string of things I didn't love, yeah, they were okay, but I didn't love them, this and the Vogue 1250 have reignited the mojo again. DH and DS are gone all week so after work, I'm in the sewing area. If all goes well, I'll sew through the weekend!!!

When I make this again, I will raise the underarm about an inch. Normally, you could just raise the neck/shoulders but I need the extra length for the bust. I did do a 1 inch FBA as well.

I shortened this by about 5 or 6 inches. I lost count. I kept cutting it off little by little. I wanted to be able to wear it with flat shoes.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Inspiration From Fellow Bloggers

I love getting inspiration from fellow bloggers. Today Amanda posted these shorts. Amanda's Adventures. I had completely forgotten that I had started making them out of leftovers from my Striped Jacket.

Mine aren't as fitted but I wanted them more skirt like. For the life of me I can't remember what size I cut but I do agree with Amanda that the waist is high. I think I cut a larger size than what I normally would have based on the look I was going for. I did take out a good inch from the crotch length and waistband. I think I tweaked these a bit too, but it's been awhile and I can't remember. Here they are anyway. Thanks Amanda for inspiring me to finish these today! I wore them all exceptionally comfortably AND stylish!

Next I made these shorts from inspiration from Rachel at Be. Mine. I fell in love with the shorts she made based on inspiration from J. Crew. I made mine out of some dusty blue linenish fabric that came to me in a mystery bundle from FabricMart. Iniitially I hated it but I love it in these shorts. I don't normally wear shorts anymore but these are either on me or in the washer!

I cut out a 14 and made no alterations. If you have a waist, you'll need to do something with that. But since I am fairly straight, they work great for me.

You can see they are wrinkled here because they just came out of the dryer ;-)

And Alana from Lazy Stitching inspired me to make Butterick 5327, shown above in the pictures with the blue shorts. I made it out of a yummy bamboo remnant but I'm sad to say that I pulled it out for the pictures here and it's shrunk! Somehow it made it to the regular wash and dry. I thought I had run it through pre-sew but I must not have. I'm hoping with some closet hanging it will stretch out again in the length. Very bummed! I loved this shirt. I did make it in a red but didn't like it as much.

I was really excited to see this on another person built more like me. She really inpsired me to make it.

Lazy Stitching

Burda Magazine 2-2007-123 - From a Distance

When BWOF became Burda Magazine and reduced their pattern pages and crammed them all on two pages I cancelled my subscription. I couldn't see them to trace anything. I went back and searched ebay and picked up some old issues. This February 2007 was one of them. I bought it specifically for this pattern. I loved the neckline and the shape of the dress. I had really high expectations for it and unfortunately, it didn't live up to them.

I mean, I like it, from a distance. I cut out a 42 which is the largest they have and figured since it ran big, I'd be fine. Well, I seriously should have cut out a 38, mind you I wear a 42/44 in most Burda stuff.

After spending days fiddling with the neckline to get it to fit in some way without looking like I had droopy girls, I finally gave up and decided I had to wear a cami under it. It's a shame because the neckline was what attracted me to this pattern. And it looks rather homesewn at the neck because I had to mess with it so much.

And on top of it, I used some fabric that I loved. Well serves me right for not making a muslin or using crap fabric to try it out. I can get more of it, I think, but I'm on a fabric fast for awhile. Yes, really, it's been a couple weeks ;-)

Oh well, I'll wear it for sure, but it sadly did not live up to my hopes. I might make it again, but I will definitely cut out a much smaller size.

Up next is a TNT, Simplicity 3503, but I'm doing a different version. I'm going to sew View E as a maxi dress.