Monday, October 29, 2012

Vogue 1087 - Done

I anticipated this dress to be more of a headache than what it was.  Thanks to all those who had tackled this dress before me, it sure made it easier.  Plus, I went into it knowing it was a PITA pattern.

I did do some alterations before cutting.  Those were to take an inch off the bodice and back length, along with an inch from the shoulders.  I normally need to shorten the bodice, even with my large chest because my back length is under 14 inches.  However, for this pattern, I shouldn't have done it.  I'm stretching it like crazy.  I managed to take small seams which helped but it's not draping like it should.  I also should have cut out an 18 instead of a 16.  My new larger size is really throwing me.  I normally fluctuate up and down 5 pounds but this extra 15-20 is not just a smidge factor in patterns.  I need a bigger size!  I've been trying to lose it but it's just stuck!  Damn getting old!

I do like this dress and it is very flattering, I think anyways.  It is a very tedious pattern but if you know that going in, it's worth it.  I did find another copy of it on ebay and bought it so I could make it again in an 18.  I think it would be fun in a pattern as a casual dress.

Here is a quickie shot after I finished it.  I'll try to post some of the dress up version.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Progress on Vogue 1087

I'm actually making progress!  And two posts in one week after no posting for months...yeah!

Yes, the instructions STINK!  Thank goodness I had all the resources of those who came before me with this pattern.  I think that was one of the reasons I shied away from this pattern for so long.  It's kind of nice to not be rushed and to sew at a slower pace.  Although I do have a deadline of next Saturday!

Oh, and thank goodness for a dress form.  I really don't use it much but for this it was absolutely necessary!

I am a fairly spatial person (Multi-variable calculus was one of my favorite classes...NERD!) but this dress is still a tough one to visualize.  All in all though it is coming along.  I can see how the finishing will be fiddly but I am will be worth it and be as flattering as it appears to be.

Here's a blurry pic off my camera's showing up purple here but it's more of a burgundy/wine color.  Nothing fancy fabric wise, just a plain old ponte blend.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Vogue 1087 - "Difficult, but great for Advanced Sewers"

I have been sewing a bit.  I made another pair of my favorite TNT Burda pants, aka Crazy Pants, out of red denim.  I also made one of my favorite tops, a Vogue, of which the number escapes me.  I got all fired up to do the wardrobe challenge on PR but could not get into it.

Sewing for myself now that I work at home is HARD!!!  I don't know what to sew!  I work in yoga pants and hoodies mostly.  As much as I try to get up and get dressed, I find myself in comfies, especially if I work out in the morning.  Most of my awesome clothes that I love are languishing in my sad!!!  Plus I work all day in the basement, which is very nice, but my sewing area is down there too.  At the end of the day, I don't want to be downstairs anymore to sew.

And no, I really don't want to sew lounge clothes.  It's just not that fun for me.  I ordered some corduroy and some yummy mohair sweater knit so I'm planning on some pants and a sweater.  It's cold in my "office" in the basement.

Add to all these other issues, I have put on weight!  Ughh!  Not a couple pounds but like 15 or 20...nothing like a stressful time in your life to pack on the poundage!  So it's also really frustrating to sew bigger sizes. 

Ok, well now that I got all the whining out of my system...I am trying a new approach to sewing.  I'm going to start attempting things I would never have done before or was too "instant gratification" to sew.  Things like, lined dresses, maybe a fitted jacket, the details I usually skip like welt pockets, etc.  I've been sewing fast and quick for the most part because I want something new now!  Well, now I don't have to do that.

So for my first, "I'd never have sewn that" project, I chose Vogue 1087.  The reviews on it are good, but all say "Difficult, but great for Advanced Sewers."  There is a lot of hand sewing which is not my favorite.  And I tell you, this better turn out after all that hand!

I'm making the dress for a little cocktail thing to support a local animal rescue group.  I need to get out so I figured this was a good cause and a fun reason to sew up a new dress.