Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vogue 1247 Leather Skirt DONE!!!

This was a tuffy! I cut it out and after I did I had major second thoughts. I made some changes, namely moving the zipper to the side so add that to the laying out of leather and I was really unsure what I was doing. I did end up with one blemish in a noticeable spot but oh well. I sewed the pockets on and they didn't really want to lay right. I was very worried they wouldn't work. This is kind of a tricky pattern too with the pockets and there are no second chances with leather.

I sewed in the zipper which actually went in very nicely. The photos look a little wobbly but I think that's glare on the leather from the flash. It actually lays pretty nicely. I sew the other side and the zipper side the rest of the way which is the last blog post.

Last night I started on the lining. I hate doing linings but figure it was a must for this. I started out with some Bermberg and about screamed...I hate working with that stuff. I remembered I had some of this funky charmeuse in my stash. I used it to line my biker coat awhile back. Speaking of which, bet that will look great with this skirt. I self drafted a lining and it worked out nicely. I put the lining and the waistband on last night.

I finished up tonight by hemming the lining and the worst part of this whole process was putting a closure on the waistband. My poor hands are so sore and beaten up.

Someone asked in another post about hemming leather. First off, yes, I only turned it under once and left the edges raw. IMO no need to finish them. Second, I have no idea if what I do is right. I tend to make up my own rules!

So after being unsure about it, I do love it! It turned out like I had hoped it would. It's fun and funky but still work appropriate if I want. Forgive the thrown together look. I was in the PJs sewing and threw something on for photos. I can't wait to play with different looks for it.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Progress on the skirt - Vogue 1247

I know I was teasing with the last post and no pictures. Well, it's together, mostly now. I changed it to have the invisible zipper on the side so there was elss stress on it. It went in beautifully!!! I really like sewing on leather.

I was really wondering how this would turn out. Those pockets are tricky to get to lay right and you only have one shot with leather. Luckily leather really molds to your body and some things smoothed out. I made this version a big snugger than my other one.

I need to put on the waistband on and hem it. I am going back and forth about a lining....ugh...I hate sewing linings. But I should on this one. I just wear a slip usually.

You all have me considering another skirt now ;-) I don't know....maybe. I bought the larger cowskins for some pants. I really want some leather pants. My birthday is coming up soon so maybe I'll ask my Mom to buy me some leather for another skirt. She usually buys me a gift certificate for fabric.

Sorry about the quality. Quickie photo on my phone.

Vogue 1247 in leather (In progress)

I am such a blogging slacker! I have sewn, in fact, I sewed up three dresses and one sweater last month. I have two blog posts in draft form just waiting for pictures that I haven't taken yet.

In the meantime, I finally cut out the Vogue 1247 in leather the other night and have started on it. The day after I cut it out though, I found a skirt pattern I liked better...never fails. It's Burda 7311.

I love the version they show in black leather. I tried to find more leather on FabricMart where I purchased all of my other leather and their prices are "normal" now, not bargain basement. So, I will have to wait for another leather skirt. I do have a a couple cowhides at home too but they are black also. I don't think I need two black leather skirts.

Sorry for the tease...I will post some pics of the skirt soon!