Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Biker Jacket is Done!!!

I took my time, didn't sew and drink, and didn't stay up too late sewing ;-) I ended up not having to rip anything substantial out and didn't make any major mistakes. I learned a lot and really built up my sewing confidence by doing this. I love Burda Magazine patterns because without any pictures to go from you really have to think about how things go together and just what the heck they mean.

Despite some negative comments when this was in the muslin stage, I persevered with it. Boy, am I glad I didn't listen to the negative comments. Is a bike jacket the best jacket for my figure, nope, do I care, NOPE! I love it and can't wait to wear it.

I just zipped it all the way up for the photo. I highly doubt I'll wear it like this unless I'm outside and it's freezing.

It's bunching a bit in the back in this photo. It actually sits ok normally.

I lined it with some satin charmeuse from I'd thought about making a dress with it but thought it looked really cool inside this coat. I still have some left though. It was very nice to work with.

My zipper is short by an inch. My local indie didn't have one I liked in the right length. So, since this picture was taken I added a snap like the others to the top corner.

I added the epulets on to give the impression of wider shoulders.

I was confused by how they wanted the cuffs done. This was the only thing I had to rip out and redo. I cut the cuff the length they suggested but if you put it on there was no overlap to add a closure. I lengthened the cuff by and inch so I'd have an overlap.

One of the versions had zippers on the pockets and another had the flaps. I chose the flap version because I didn't want to have to order special zippers. My local indie has a great selection of wonderful snaps.