Saturday, October 30, 2010

Costume Version 1

So I had two parties to go to and didn't want to do the same exact thing for both. I used the bustle and skirt last night and made myself up as a Steampunk. It was fun. A person who really dresses steampunk probably would have called me a poser, do people still use that term??? Oh well, it was fun anyways.

I am sewing too. I got up my courage and cut out my leather jacket. I'm surprised by how fun leather has been to work on. I have some in-progress pictures I can post later. I'm at the stage to either put in the zipper or attach the sleeves and I haven't had any quiet time to sit down and do it. There's no undoing what you do to leather. The Oolong dress is hanging and I haven't had the gumption to hem it yet. As soon as the leather jacket is done I'll finish the dress up.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yeah Halloween!

I haven't been to a costume party in 20 years and just last week I find out I'm going to two! One is with the hubby and we brainstormed the easiest costumes based on what we already had. We decided on a cowboy and a saloon girl. Well, he had just about everything cowboy and well, all I had was a corset. I figured I could come up with something easy. Yeah, right ;-) Of course I had to start looking for patterns and the first place I thought of was Laughing Moon Mercantile. I have a corset pattern from them but have yet to make it. So, I bought their Saloon Girl pattern.

Saloon Girl

I have to tell you that this has been the most fun sewing I've had in a long time. The pattern was awesome, clear, easy to follow and wonderfully drafted. I hit Joann's yesterday and browsed their "special occasion" fabric. Wow, I can't imagine making anything special occasion out of it except for Halloween. I settle on this black on black stuff of which I have no idea what to call it and a lining of purple with black polka dots. My corset is a reversible black and purple number. I started sewing yesterday and finished tonight.

I made three pieces, the bustle and drape which I guess is one, bloomers and a chemise. The first two are from the Laughing Moon pattern and the chemise is a modified Simplicity 2593. I added some width to the center front and back and lengthened the straps. I added the eyelet edging instead of binding the edges, then I stitched using elastic thread to get it to gather slightly.

I have yet to put some of the finishing touches on it like some ribbons like the pattern shows. I'll probably do that tomorrow.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Colette Oolong Progress

This dress has been like a monkey on back for the last two months and I finally have it nearly together. As of this moment, I will never make a bias cut dress like this again....

Pictures here are hanging on a hanger. It won't fit on my dress form and I forgot to take pictures when I was trying it on. All I can say is thank goodness I picked this print, it hides everything. Sleeves go on tomorrow, then it hangs for a day then a hem.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh Jalie scarf top, how I love thee!

I really needed this...a success! I was so frustrated with the fitted shirt fiasco that I needed something that worked well straight outta the box. I have several Jalie patterns that I bought back when I started sewing two or three years ago, but I've never made them. I don't know why either. I think all those lines and sizes worried me, but no more! I bought the Scarf top pattern after seeing Eugenia's Version. Isn't it gorgeous? I had seen the pattern before and truthfully, it never did much for me until I saw her version.

I've made two versions now. The first one is this purple/blueish slinky knit which is actually a wonderful fabric for this top. It was in my mystery bundle from FabricMart awhile back and was in my pile of chosen fabrics for this Fall.

And the second version is in this crazy printed rayon knit I bought at my local indie. It's pretty bright but I loved it. Gotta step out of my gray rut occasionally and make something bright!

On the dressform to get a better idea of the pattern.

Seriously, I can't say enough about this pattern. I made a straight Y size, no FBA, no shoulders to take in, nuthin'! The front isn't pulling and the shoulders are at my shoulders, and the armcyces are where they are supposed to be. I have one more version of this planned but need to change the serger to do it. I have some of the much coveted gold sparkly and cream colored knit fabric from EOS that I've been waiting for the right pattern for. This one is it!

On a sadder note, both the chiffon and the blue sateen I ordered from FabricMart was sold out so I didn't get it. On a nicer note, they still included my Free Mystery bundle since it wasn't my fault. I've gotten some nice things, including the blue fabric above, in them, so I guess all is not lost.

Up next is the Colette Oolong dress. I've had it cut out for ages but just couldn't get up the gumption to sew all those bias pieces together. It was such a chore to cut it out. I guess I needed a breather.


Last but not least, it's getting cold here and we have no furnace yet. Ours died in May and we've been saving up for a Geothermal system. It's in progress but not done yet. So, we've been having fires a lot. And where there is warmth, there is at least one Staffy Bull...

Friday, October 15, 2010

My New Accessory!

So I did order one of these lovely harnesses from Audra Jean's etsy store. Here's the link to the store Etsy Store I asked him to customize it for me with the shoulders hitting a little further to the sides to accomodate my chest and had him make it in the gunmetal grey. I love it! You know, you only live once and I figure I might as well wear what I like. I know that someone as large busted as I am probably shouldn't wear it but I will. I think when you are large busted, no matter what you wear, unless it's very fitted, makes you look larger than you are due to your bust size. I like that I can adjust this harness so it sits under my bustline at my slimmest point and pulls in the eye to that part. It's thin enough that it doesn't impede too much with my short waist. I especially like it with the longer top shown below. I'm going to have a lot of fun playing with it.

Here are couple pictures of it. This first are just from yesterday right when I got home. I had to try it on.

The next two here are how I wanted to wear it today but I thought it was too much for work yet. I need to ease my coworkers into it. They think I dress strangely anyways so I just need to acclimate them to it. I guess one of the good things about working with a bunch of engineers is that they don't normally notice things. Please excuse the wet hair. If I blow dry it, I look like Rosan Rosana Dana!

This is how I ended up wearing it. I've actually gotten compliments on my outfit today too. It's just peeking out enough.

I'm sitting here at work right now with my coat off at my desk and nobody has said anything but then again I haven't seen anyone yet. My company is pretty conservative, very traditional and well, stuffy. Most of the women here fall into two categories, the standard work uniform of black pants and a blouse or those who haven't gotten out of the 1990's a la Kate Gosselin hairdo and twinsets. I don't fit the mold here at all.

And finally, I gave up on my fitted shirt again. Making one of those is like eating tomatoes for me. Every so often I try tomatoes and every time I try them I hate them. I keep wanting to make myself like them but I can't. At 40, you'd think I'd give up. I'm like that with this fitted woven shirt. I keep thinking I can make it work but the bottom line is I can't. I mean I could probably get it so I could wear it but I just don't think I'll ever be happy with how it fits.

I cut out the Jalie scarf tie shirt last night and have it partially sewn. I'm sticking to my knits and looser fitting woven shirts!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Julie's Picks FabricMart

Ok, I've been trying to be good with my fabric purchases. I've been sewing a lot, albeit somewhat simple things but using up some of my stash nonetheless. Lately when I am buying fabric, most of it seems to come from FabricMart. I like their flat rate shipping, their quickness in delivery and the fact you can get 1/2 yards versus having to buy in whole yard increments. Lots of times too they have the same stuff my local indie has except much less expensive even factoring in shipping. I still do support my local shop!

So, I decided to go ahead and sign up for Julie's picks for next year. It's $50 up front but you get a $25 gift certificate and access to a lot of special picks along with swatches every month. When I got to the website today, they were having a 20% off the whole website sale and if you spent $75 or more you got a free 10 yard bundle. Well, of course I had to get up to $75 so I bought something I've been eyeing for a while and a couple other things.

This is a 3 yard piece of silk chiffon that I've been drooling over.

I saw this picture on The Sartorialist of a woman in a dress made out of something like and think it might even be the same fabric. But of course I can't find it right now...

I also bought this for maybe a sheath dress. It's a Calvin Klein stretch sateen.

And then some of this poly knit which looked fun.

I worked on my button down shirt last night. I pulled the collar off of it, it was HUGE, so I just have the banded collar on it now. Which in truth I like better anyways. I have the sleeves sewn up but now I need to attach them. I think I'm going to need to let out the darts a bit, it's a smidge snug and the back is bunching up because of it. Otherwise, it seems to be coming together reasonable well.

It's McCall's 5630 which is now OOP.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oooh, my pretties...

Must have these...

I love these too...

and these...

Hello, My Name is Kim and I have a problem...

Too many shoes!

It's been pretty boring at work today so this is what I do, shoe shop, or fabric shop. I'm currently working on another attempt at a fitted woven button down shirt. It's kind of going so-so at the moment. It's not perfect but getting there. I'll post some pictures when I get the sleeves on hopefully tomorrow night.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Silly skirt

I'm definitely on a skirt kick. This fabric was a total impulse purchase at my local indie last weekend. DH and the kid were gone, I was on my own and that always spells trouble! I walked in and saw it and HAD to have some of it. It just looked too darn fun to me.

Here's an up close picture.

Basically, it's just a super stretchy polyester with this chiffon-y type ruffle to it. The ruffle is only about an inch and it does lay down quite nicely so it doesn't add too much volume at all. I bought a yard and just made a simple rectangle skirt. I used some double knit to create a waistband instead of trying to do a fold over elastic waistband. It would have been a pain to do that. There is no hem, I just cut it off under the last ruffle.

I really hesitated to wear it to work, but then figured most everyone there thinks I dress strangely anways. So, I wore it but dressed it down with a simple black top. Everyone loved it and I got a ton of nice compliments on it. I was told it made me look thin and gave me a nice line, surprising with the horizonital stripes. I left the skirt a bit longer, to mid calf which I don't usually do. I sewed the skirt to just beyond clingy, so as to let my shape show but not "Show." I wish I would have taken a picture of it as I was wearing it but darn my mornings are insane!

Here it is on the mannequin.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Skirts, skirts and more skirts

I haven't had much urge to make anything too difficult lately. I have a muslin mostly together for a leather jacket but I need to play with the sleeve cap ease and I just can't get into it.

I've been working through the stash of fabric I pulled out for Fall clothes. I'm about halfway through it actually. I've made several dresses and now skirts. I have at least two more jackets to make and have already made one, the onion coat earlier.

I pulled this pattern out of my stash the other day and made two skirts in two days. I've already made the top and the dress previously. I love the assymetrical hemline. I've always had a thing for them and according to Imogen from Inside Style, they are a good look for my body type.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

OMG...I won something!

So Maria from ShopOnion called out to post pictures of your most worn/loved Onion pattern on Facebook. I posted my beloved Pipe Collar coat, which is probably my most favorite item I've made so far. It's out of this amazing wool denim from Gorgeous Fabrics that was really wonderful to work with.

I think it was just a randomly drawn contest to win 2 Onion patterns from her shop with the English translations. I have to admit I got a bit frustrated with ShopOnion last summer with their shipping and communication but I'm happy to say they have fully rectified the issues they were having. I ordered some new patterns from them and got them in 10 days from Denmark. Pretty darn great! I'm so excited because I really like Onion patterns.

So, I think for my winnings I'm going to choose a couple simple dresses. I have so many coats from them already.

And there's another one that's just a simple raglan sleeved A line dress but I can't get a picture of it.

Here's the ShopOnion website link.

And here's the Facebook page.
ShopOnion On Facebook

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Onion 1032

I splurged on this boiled wool last year at the American Sewing Expo. I bought this pattern for it but held off on making it. Once I got the pattern, I just wasn't feeling it. A couple weeks ago I found another Onion pattern that I thought would work better so I ordered it. I was cutting it out and realized it just had holes for sleeves, not real shoulders, etc. I decided I didn't like it and luckily the part I had cut out was a big rectangle so I could reuse it. I do see myself making that pattern as a shawl thought.

So, I went back to the original idea. Onion 1032.

The hood on this coat is big and pointy. I can pull it all the way over and look like I belong in The Lord of the Rings ;-) It'll be great for Fall soccer games.

This pattern has lots of darts. It really gives it a lot of shape. The back has 5 long darts and the front pieces have 2 darts.

The other change I made was that the ties are supposed to be in the front darts. I decided I wanted more substance in the ties so I put them in the side seams then tacked them down into the front darts.

I originally started out to make this unfinished on the edges but didn't like it so I adlibbed on finishing it. The inside of the hood and collar shows so if the fabric is obviously different it looks funky. I ended up doubling the hood so it didn't look funny. My beef with the collar is that it wants to flip over and you can see in this picture the way it keeps flipping. I even understitched it and it still keeps doing it.

Also, I need to put a snap or hook where the bottom of the collar meets.