Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh Jalie scarf top, how I love thee!

I really needed this...a success! I was so frustrated with the fitted shirt fiasco that I needed something that worked well straight outta the box. I have several Jalie patterns that I bought back when I started sewing two or three years ago, but I've never made them. I don't know why either. I think all those lines and sizes worried me, but no more! I bought the Scarf top pattern after seeing Eugenia's Version. Isn't it gorgeous? I had seen the pattern before and truthfully, it never did much for me until I saw her version.

I've made two versions now. The first one is this purple/blueish slinky knit which is actually a wonderful fabric for this top. It was in my mystery bundle from FabricMart awhile back and was in my pile of chosen fabrics for this Fall.

And the second version is in this crazy printed rayon knit I bought at my local indie. It's pretty bright but I loved it. Gotta step out of my gray rut occasionally and make something bright!

On the dressform to get a better idea of the pattern.

Seriously, I can't say enough about this pattern. I made a straight Y size, no FBA, no shoulders to take in, nuthin'! The front isn't pulling and the shoulders are at my shoulders, and the armcyces are where they are supposed to be. I have one more version of this planned but need to change the serger to do it. I have some of the much coveted gold sparkly and cream colored knit fabric from EOS that I've been waiting for the right pattern for. This one is it!

On a sadder note, both the chiffon and the blue sateen I ordered from FabricMart was sold out so I didn't get it. On a nicer note, they still included my Free Mystery bundle since it wasn't my fault. I've gotten some nice things, including the blue fabric above, in them, so I guess all is not lost.

Up next is the Colette Oolong dress. I've had it cut out for ages but just couldn't get up the gumption to sew all those bias pieces together. It was such a chore to cut it out. I guess I needed a breather.


Last but not least, it's getting cold here and we have no furnace yet. Ours died in May and we've been saving up for a Geothermal system. It's in progress but not done yet. So, we've been having fires a lot. And where there is warmth, there is at least one Staffy Bull...


Ginnie said...

The blue one is lovely! And how nice to have some instant gratification, right? It's nice to spend a lot of time on a project, but it can be so refreshing to get a quick little high on just the right project. Well done!

Karin said...

These tops do look great! It's so nice to find a new tnt pattern. And free mystery fabric is nice too.

K.Line said...

You look fantastic in those tops! Love the blue esp.

And what a beautiful fireplace. I wish I had one! (Though furnaces are good too:-))

Eugenia said...

Hi! Thank you so much for your mention of my top - and your very kind compliments. I LOVE your versions of this great pattern. The blue/purple is such a beautiful shade - it really suits you and looks very elegant. But that gorgeous print is so nice and I think it will be lovely for the holiday season. I can't decide which is the nicest - it's a draw - they're both wonderful. I think I'm going to make another of these tops too! Good luck with the Colette patterns dress.

Michelle said...

Awesome top! I might have to get this pattern, your tops are so flattering!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, very nice!! I'm loving hearing that you made it with no pattern alterations. Both fabrics are lovely.