Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Julie's Picks FabricMart

Ok, I've been trying to be good with my fabric purchases. I've been sewing a lot, albeit somewhat simple things but using up some of my stash nonetheless. Lately when I am buying fabric, most of it seems to come from FabricMart. I like their flat rate shipping, their quickness in delivery and the fact you can get 1/2 yards versus having to buy in whole yard increments. Lots of times too they have the same stuff my local indie has except much less expensive even factoring in shipping. I still do support my local shop!

So, I decided to go ahead and sign up for Julie's picks for next year. It's $50 up front but you get a $25 gift certificate and access to a lot of special picks along with swatches every month. When I got to the website today, they were having a 20% off the whole website sale and if you spent $75 or more you got a free 10 yard bundle. Well, of course I had to get up to $75 so I bought something I've been eyeing for a while and a couple other things.

This is a 3 yard piece of silk chiffon that I've been drooling over.

I saw this picture on The Sartorialist of a woman in a dress made out of something like and think it might even be the same fabric. But of course I can't find it right now...

I also bought this for maybe a sheath dress. It's a Calvin Klein stretch sateen.

And then some of this poly knit which looked fun.

I worked on my button down shirt last night. I pulled the collar off of it, it was HUGE, so I just have the banded collar on it now. Which in truth I like better anyways. I have the sleeves sewn up but now I need to attach them. I think I'm going to need to let out the darts a bit, it's a smidge snug and the back is bunching up because of it. Otherwise, it seems to be coming together reasonable well.

It's McCall's 5630 which is now OOP.


Eugenia said...

Nice fabric choices - that silk chiffon looks especially gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love that Calvin Klein cotton sateen. What a gorgeous colour!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I, too indulged in that Fabric Mart sale and just like you quite a bit of my fabric collection comes from them also! I hope you enjoy your purchases!