Saturday, October 2, 2010

Onion 1032

I splurged on this boiled wool last year at the American Sewing Expo. I bought this pattern for it but held off on making it. Once I got the pattern, I just wasn't feeling it. A couple weeks ago I found another Onion pattern that I thought would work better so I ordered it. I was cutting it out and realized it just had holes for sleeves, not real shoulders, etc. I decided I didn't like it and luckily the part I had cut out was a big rectangle so I could reuse it. I do see myself making that pattern as a shawl thought.

So, I went back to the original idea. Onion 1032.

The hood on this coat is big and pointy. I can pull it all the way over and look like I belong in The Lord of the Rings ;-) It'll be great for Fall soccer games.

This pattern has lots of darts. It really gives it a lot of shape. The back has 5 long darts and the front pieces have 2 darts.

The other change I made was that the ties are supposed to be in the front darts. I decided I wanted more substance in the ties so I put them in the side seams then tacked them down into the front darts.

I originally started out to make this unfinished on the edges but didn't like it so I adlibbed on finishing it. The inside of the hood and collar shows so if the fabric is obviously different it looks funky. I ended up doubling the hood so it didn't look funny. My beef with the collar is that it wants to flip over and you can see in this picture the way it keeps flipping. I even understitched it and it still keeps doing it.

Also, I need to put a snap or hook where the bottom of the collar meets.

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becki-c said...

Love it! So stylish with the black and white checks, and so cozy!