Friday, January 18, 2013

Feeling Ambitious!

I think taking a break was a good thing.  I'm feeling ambitious and think I want to make myself a new winter coat.  I've enjoyed making coats in the past and am in the mood for something new.

I have a few options I'm considering:

A Cape, New Look 6007.

McCalls 6442, the shorter version with the hood.  However, as I was doing some research on coats for the well endowed, I read that hoods actually maximize your upper half.  I never realized that I guess.  It's quite a bummer because I love hoods.  I know, wear what I like, but I don't want the girls looking bigger.  So I may opt for the collared version instead.  And on another note, the last couple McCalls I have made, I have been very disappointed in the pattern sizing and drafting.

Burdastyle Shearling!  Yes, well I said I was feeling ambitious.  I bought some real shearling from FabricMart when they had a huge sale last year.  I packed it up and moved it cross country.  It is Winter in Montana after all so I am actually leaning towards this coat.  I'd need to buy some cheap faux shearling to practice on first.  I've looked at other coat patterns for shearling and nothing really jumps out.  I found another Burdastyle but it's got a huge open collar and those I have found are not flattering on me at all.  This one looks pretty straightforward.  I need to make sure I have enough to make it though.

Decisions, decisions.....

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Simplicity 1716

The dogs coats are boxed up and en route to Michigan.  I'm trying to figure out what to sew next but in the meantime here is a shirt that I sewed up in December.  This was either going to be a love or hate style for me and I actually LOVE it!  I think it actually turns out to be somewhat minimizing on my upper half.  The detail is above the bust so your eye goes up.  I made a muslin out of dollar a yard poly and promptly chucked it when I was done but I found out I liked the design.

This is a yummy Rayon/Lycra knit from my old indie, Fabric Gallery, in Michigan that is no more.  She retired.  I found out she was selling out after I decided to move.  I tell ya, if I had known prior to my move, I might just have bought her store!

I really am loving this pattern!  There will be more of these, in fact, as I'm pondering a new coat to sew, I may make another one of these quickly.  Once you figure out the construction, it's a breeze to make!  I made my muslin wrong but figured it out before the final product.

Off to fondle fabric and stare at patterns to decide what to make next...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dog Coat Sweatshop!

To say the least I've been very frustrated with sewing lately!  Between lifestyle changes and body changes, I have no idea what to sew.  I lay out fabric and patterns, put them all away, do it again, and then never sew anything.  I really wanted to sew though so I offered to make some dog coats for some very worthy dog rescue groups back in Michigan.

One is Dog Aide, which was co founded by my very good friend since high school.  They work as a uniting force for rescue groups in the Detroit area, trying to get everyone to work together instead of against.  They help people be better pet owners, provide food, and help with vet costs.

The other is Detroit Bully Corp, which rescues and rehabilitates mostly bully breed dogs, of which I am a huge fan of.  Love them slobbery bully kisses!  They are wonderful, loving dogs that unfortunately have gotten a bad rap and are a victim of indiscriminate breeding.

I made a couple prototypes and sent them to my friend to try on her big bully breed dog to see if they fit.  I had to modify my original coat design for the big head, big chest dogs.  And now I am making about 15 coats to start with.  I have some ideas for some cute ones down the road but for now I wanted to make a good chunk to send for the groups to use or sell.

I will get back to sewing something for me.  I just don't really go anywhere now.  I work from home, go to the YMCA, and go skiing or play with my dogs.  I need to divest myself of some of this yummy dress fabric and buy more active wear to sew.  Oh well, in the meantime, my sewing area looks like a fleece factory exploded!