Friday, January 18, 2013

Feeling Ambitious!

I think taking a break was a good thing.  I'm feeling ambitious and think I want to make myself a new winter coat.  I've enjoyed making coats in the past and am in the mood for something new.

I have a few options I'm considering:

A Cape, New Look 6007.

McCalls 6442, the shorter version with the hood.  However, as I was doing some research on coats for the well endowed, I read that hoods actually maximize your upper half.  I never realized that I guess.  It's quite a bummer because I love hoods.  I know, wear what I like, but I don't want the girls looking bigger.  So I may opt for the collared version instead.  And on another note, the last couple McCalls I have made, I have been very disappointed in the pattern sizing and drafting.

Burdastyle Shearling!  Yes, well I said I was feeling ambitious.  I bought some real shearling from FabricMart when they had a huge sale last year.  I packed it up and moved it cross country.  It is Winter in Montana after all so I am actually leaning towards this coat.  I'd need to buy some cheap faux shearling to practice on first.  I've looked at other coat patterns for shearling and nothing really jumps out.  I found another Burdastyle but it's got a huge open collar and those I have found are not flattering on me at all.  This one looks pretty straightforward.  I need to make sure I have enough to make it though.

Decisions, decisions.....


Vanessa said...

I like all of your choices, but am partial to the Mccall's one. Good luck with your choice!

Picnicfan said...

I like the New Look cape! Good luck with your coat whichever one you choose.

Judith said...

A new winter coat for the wardrobe will be exciting, particularly one you whip up yourself. Good luck with choosing a style - can't wait to see you wearing it finished...J