Friday, May 24, 2013

Vogue 1247 in Liberty of London

Yeah, I finally sewed AND I cut into my Liberty of London fabric!

I've been sewing a bit here and there but just TNT patterns, nothing spectacular or blog worthy.  But this past week, we had our floors done and I was trapped in the basement for a!  So, I took advantage of that and the rainy weather to do some sewing.  I made a skirt and two shirts and I really wanted to blog about the shirts.

I've been meaning to make Vogue 1247 (the top) for quite awhile.  I've made the skirt twice but have been delinquent on the top.  I've seen so many made and they were all cute.

Also, I've had this pattern in mind for one of my Liberty of London fabrics.  I have two I've had for a couple years now and one more recent, albeit not very recent, piece from EmmaOneSock that I bought on ther Clearance Roll End sale.  This one is a more modern funky pattern of matchsticks.  I thought it would go well with this Vogue pattern.  Here it is up close.

But I wanted to try this pattern out and see if I liked it on me first so I made a practice version.  I bought this fabric from FabricMart and it was a bit more than I thought it was worth actually.  Rarely am I unhappy with purchases from them but this one wasn't stellar.  It's a cute pattern but the fabric is cheap and feels and looks more like it would be suited for scrubs than a cotton lawn or voile it was advertised as.  Oh well, can't win them all.  I still love FM!  But nonetheless, it made a great practice shirt.  I wore it today even and expect to wear it often this summer.

I read a ton of reviews and the consensus was that this was a huge shirt and that it could be sized down.  So this version is a straight 14 which is a size or more now than what I should be.  I've put on some weight :-(  It's wearable, most definitely but it's a bit small.  It kind of bunches on my hips.  So for the next version I made a 16 on the body and a 14 on the shoulders which have been my normal sizes.  Technically, my measurements are an 18 these days though but my high bust is still around a 14 or 16.  Also for the next version, I raised the neckline by 3/4 " which I love.  I have a cami on under this, not because it's too low but it gapes so much.  Raising the neckline helped this a lot!
Sorry for the picture quality.  There were taken by a reluctant 11 year old boy while I was interupting his "shows" ugh!

I really love this pattern now.  It's got shape for such a seemingly shapeless style.  OMG and the Liberty of London was a dream to work with!!!  I have two other pieces and my goal is to sew them up this summer as well.  I kept waiting for my size to be perfect, yadda, yadda, yadda, and the bottom line is I want to wear this stuff now!  Cut into that nice fabric!  I know I am now!!!



becki-c said...

I think you really got the fit right the second time, very pretty. Don't you just hate it when fabric just doesn't feel right? I am so nervous about buying sight-unseen. I'm big on the feel of fabric.

As for losing weight, sew now and take in later. As for figuring out how to lose weight, I'll let you know when I've lost some. I can be pretty good on a diet for about a week or so, but then life gets in the way. So far I've lost 2 pounds. good luck to you.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I like the second one too! You should make more because you've worked out your fit challenges.

BeaJay said...

Great tops - both of them - although the fit is better on the second one - both look great.