Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lisette Passport Dress - Simplicity 2209

I've had this in my stash since the pattern came out.  I thought it could be flattering on my shape.  Now that I've made it, I think I was right.  I still have some fit issues and you will see below but it's not horrendous.  The was another test run to see if I wanted to make this out of one of my Liberty of London fabrics.  I think I will wait for something else.

I cut an 18 in the dress with the exception of the shoulders and neckline, which are a 16.  I did not do an FBA, thinking that my full bust measurement was close to the 18 measurements.  I've added weight and my difference between high and full bust, and my waist is not as drastic.  I did shorten the darts points so they didn't land in a weird spot.  In addition, I took darts in the front armcye as it was gaping and I also took a single dart down the center back bodice from the neck down.  I tried two smaller ones but it pulled the shoulders funny.  I'm so narrow in the shoulders that I always have gaping there.  I think it could also be due to my super short waist though as well.  I need to learn better how to shorten a bodice for that issue, yet maintain enough coverage for the front.  In a regular shaped bodice an FBA would help but this is a funky design and I had no clue how to do it.

Despite the tweaking, I am still pulling a bit in the front and there is a big wad of fabric on my back where I should have shortened the bodice.  I was thinking about just taking a horizontal fish eye dart to get rid of it, but I got so sick of messing with it!

I like it, I will wear it.  If I did make it again, I would...gasp...make a real muslin!  I hate muslins but I can't remember everything I tweaked because I did it as I went.  I think this dress has promise but I think for me a simpler bodice that I can do a real FBA would work better.  I love the flared skirt and the neckline is pretty nice too.

I love this fabric.  It was in a mystery bundle from FabricMart.  I'm such a sucker for the mystery bundles!  It is a stretch cotton and I only had shy of 2 yards.  It's bright and fun!  Oh and look what my boyfriend got me yesterday...They match!


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Your wearable muslin is cute! You should make thi again. The flowers are nice - enjoy them!

velosewer said...

I like it and you look great in this dress. I think you've found a TNT dress.

Nancy said...

This looks great on you.