Friday, October 15, 2010

My New Accessory!

So I did order one of these lovely harnesses from Audra Jean's etsy store. Here's the link to the store Etsy Store I asked him to customize it for me with the shoulders hitting a little further to the sides to accomodate my chest and had him make it in the gunmetal grey. I love it! You know, you only live once and I figure I might as well wear what I like. I know that someone as large busted as I am probably shouldn't wear it but I will. I think when you are large busted, no matter what you wear, unless it's very fitted, makes you look larger than you are due to your bust size. I like that I can adjust this harness so it sits under my bustline at my slimmest point and pulls in the eye to that part. It's thin enough that it doesn't impede too much with my short waist. I especially like it with the longer top shown below. I'm going to have a lot of fun playing with it.

Here are couple pictures of it. This first are just from yesterday right when I got home. I had to try it on.

The next two here are how I wanted to wear it today but I thought it was too much for work yet. I need to ease my coworkers into it. They think I dress strangely anyways so I just need to acclimate them to it. I guess one of the good things about working with a bunch of engineers is that they don't normally notice things. Please excuse the wet hair. If I blow dry it, I look like Rosan Rosana Dana!

This is how I ended up wearing it. I've actually gotten compliments on my outfit today too. It's just peeking out enough.

I'm sitting here at work right now with my coat off at my desk and nobody has said anything but then again I haven't seen anyone yet. My company is pretty conservative, very traditional and well, stuffy. Most of the women here fall into two categories, the standard work uniform of black pants and a blouse or those who haven't gotten out of the 1990's a la Kate Gosselin hairdo and twinsets. I don't fit the mold here at all.

And finally, I gave up on my fitted shirt again. Making one of those is like eating tomatoes for me. Every so often I try tomatoes and every time I try them I hate them. I keep wanting to make myself like them but I can't. At 40, you'd think I'd give up. I'm like that with this fitted woven shirt. I keep thinking I can make it work but the bottom line is I can't. I mean I could probably get it so I could wear it but I just don't think I'll ever be happy with how it fits.

I cut out the Jalie scarf tie shirt last night and have it partially sewn. I'm sticking to my knits and looser fitting woven shirts!


Anonymous said...

I like the harness, I had seen them previously but never thought I'd be able to get away with wearing one but yours look excellent.

Kim said...

I ended up wearing it out to dinner last night. I put on a asymmetric cardigan like the brown one except it was variegated grays. I kept on the jeans and boots. I got a couple looks but nothing too crazy. I think people just don't know what it is. My DS, who is 8, loves it. Especially because he can grab on to it and hold me through a crowded restaurant ;-) I think you should go for it and get one!

Michelle said...

wow, I really like the way you have styled it. Very nice! I would never have considered one.

Audi said...

Yay, the harness looks fantastic! I especially love the middle outfit with the long-tailed cardigan and scarf; the tapered tails of the cardigan really elongate your torso and the scarf balances out your bust. The leather is a great color, isn't it? I love how it goes so well with either black or brown. I hope you get tons of use out of it!

Sheila said...

Kim, thanks so much for your helpful comments on Audi's post the other day - you look absolutely awesome in this.

My coworkers think I dress strangely too. :) I say "tough beans" - I'm 43 and I'll wear what I want!