Monday, July 11, 2011

Vogue 1250 Again

Ok Carolyn, this is for you ;-)

It's another two-fer day with posting. Don't expect this all the time.

I finally ended up making anothe Vogue 1250. I waffled about how it make it fit better and couldn't decide on the fabric. Sometimes I angst unnecessarily over such things. I had remembered seeing a picture on the Sartorialist of a woman in a navy blue dress with leopard print heels and I fell in love. So, in keeping with my trying to get some basics in my wardrobe, I chose this really nice navy blue cotton knit for it. It's heftier than just a plain knit and holds it's shape so far. I'm going to wear a slip under it so it doesn't get horribly stretched out during the day...fingers crossed.

I didn't like the first version because I thought it sat too low for me. The back waist seam hit too low on me and didn't look right or at least I thought so. Plus, I thought I needed more room in the bust.

First Version

I cut out the 16 again, but this time I shortened the bodice at the lines indicated by a full inch or a smidge more. The other thing I did was slide the large piece with the front and lower back away from the fold line by 1/2 inch, giving me an extra inch in the front. I couldn't figure out how to do an FBA and I figure this was the easiest way to get some added without messing things up too much. I think it worked great.

Unfortunately, my leopard print pumps still hurt the once broken baby toe, but I was able to get into another pair of my favorite heels without too much trouble. So tomorrow I will once again try to wear heels to work. I'll have a backup just in case.

I'm so happy I made another one of these. Oh and my BFF loved the one I sent her. She wore to a wedding recently and I was so excited to see pictures of her in it on Facebook. It fits her much better. She's a bit taller.

I just had to include this one. I thought it was too dark to take pictures so I started out inside. I set up the camera, clicked the delay button, walked to the spot and so did Swiper. He's become such a ham!


becki-c said...

LOVE the dress color! I am so jealous of those of that this dress looks so fabulous on!
I like how the knit hangs, it doesn't sag or stretch at all, nice fabric choice.
Oh, and those shoes look Fabulous!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! ;) The dress is beautiful! I'm telling you this is an amazing pattern that looks so good on you. The pattern alterations were spot on!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is a great dress and you look fabulous in it!

DeniseAngela said...

Love the colour & thanks for the pattern tip about the fold.... I will have to try that for my next one! your shoes!

Rachel said...

Kim, So nice. I love the color choice and the white one you made last time. You really know how to pick good patterns. I can't wait to see what you do I can copy it. (wink, wink)

Victoria said...

So pretty, love the color!

MAD14kt said...

Well done!

Karin said...

This is a very flattering dress. You look great, the blue colour suits you too!

Audrey said...

Very flattering dress. Navy looks good on you and the shoes are so fun.

GiftedAmy said...

It looks great on you, I'm right behind you.
I am just finishing up my second one too.

Melodye said...

I totally love this. But I love the way the shoes work with the dress. So many sewists forget how important the shoe is to the overall look. Good job!