Monday, July 11, 2011

Simplicity 3503 Again....

I've made this a couple of times but never this version. I don't think I've ever reviewed it either because it's one of those patterns that has 100 reviews for it. Maybe I should now that I have a couple of them.

This is View E, which has the neckline double as the shoulder straps. I absolutely LOVE it! I bought this fabric of another sewist online and the minute I saw it I had to have it. It's a gorgeous rayon knit in teal with navy blue hibiscus flowers, or at least they look like that to me. There were 3 yards and I knew it would be my first maxi dress (well as an adult). I've shied away from them being as short as I am but the more I see them on shorter women, the more I realize I can do it too. In fact, it gives you a nice lean look.

I did not do contrasting anything with this. I could have used the navy blue cotton knit that I lined the bodice with, but I didn't want too, plus I had other ideas for the navy blue (A Vogue 1250, which is awesome but yet to be photographed).

After a string of things I didn't love, yeah, they were okay, but I didn't love them, this and the Vogue 1250 have reignited the mojo again. DH and DS are gone all week so after work, I'm in the sewing area. If all goes well, I'll sew through the weekend!!!

When I make this again, I will raise the underarm about an inch. Normally, you could just raise the neck/shoulders but I need the extra length for the bust. I did do a 1 inch FBA as well.

I shortened this by about 5 or 6 inches. I lost count. I kept cutting it off little by little. I wanted to be able to wear it with flat shoes.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

You're right this is an amazing piece of fabric which really makes the dress sing!

Did you make V1250 again? Are you gonna show pics? Pleeeezzeee, you know how much I love that pattern!

Anna Christina said...

What a great pattern! I really love the bodice back. Thanks for posting.

DeniseAngela said...

Beautiful fabric.....perfect for a maxi!

Mary said...

Pretty dress, and I am glad to have found your blog. Now you have a new follower!

MAD14kt said...

PRETTY! I Like!!! ;D