Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Boho Skirt - Simplicity 2609

I bought this fabric last spring from Gorgeous Fabrics. It was an impulse purchase. It's a poly crepe de chine I think and slightly sheer. I've been trying to decide what to make with it. Initially I had planned on a maxi dress last summer but wimped out on making one. Also, I only had a little over two yards and when I ordered it I didn't even think about needing more...oops!

Also, I have sooooo many dresses! I mean, I love them, wear them and enjoy sewing them. But, I really need to expand my wardrobe to some seperates. So, I decided on a simple skirt. I can't do full at the waist so I chose this pattern. I didn't even notice that it had a seam down the middle so I opted to cut the two pieces on the fold. The front and back are the same. I like skirts with yokes because it, I think, helps lengthen my torso. Although with the shirt on you can't really tell. I did shorten the yoke by about 4 inches. It hit my! I also lengthened the skirt by about 6 inches.

I'm in love with the whole sheer maxi skirts they are showing. I like that this isn't super see through, just kind of. I can actually get away with wearing nothing underneath it. I didn't line it. I wanted it flowy and see through. I did make a tube skirt, kind of a straight yoga type skirt with a waistband to go under it. I have it on here. I'm wearing it to work tomorrow and will wear the underskirt for that but if I'm just running around, it'll probably just be some bike type shorts.

I have a sheer maxi dress planned, maybe not next but soon. And another Vogue 1250 in red silk jersey, and...., many things so little time.

The shirt is from a pattern I've had for two years. I saw it online and fell in love. Unfortunately it was sold out everywhere, even the pattern designer. So a two years ago I just happened to find it at the Sewing Expo here in Novi. I grabbed it up. I've made it once and was really disappointed in it. It wasn't the pattern but the flimsy fabric I had chosen to use. It didn't ruche very well and kind of sagged. For some reason yesterday though I pulled it out and wore it and I really liked it. I thought about making another one. When I got home tonight, I pulled out this blue poly and cut it out. It's just a cheap poly remnant from Joann's. As I was cutting it out, I realized it would go with this skirt. Kismet! I cut it out and sewed it up tonight. I spent so much time playing with that Twister dress and could have just used this pattern to make one, which I might just do!

The one shoulder has a tie that cinces it in. I'm on the fence whether I like it or not. There are pictures with both.

Since it's practically nonexistent, this was the best picture I could find.

I had a request from Heather to expound on my shoes. I do seem to get a lot of comments on them. I am quite the shoe-a-holic. I think it's genetic ;-) I'm a shoes sale stalker. I rarely ever pay full price for a pair of shoes. I get an idea of the shoe I want then I stalk every single shoe website I can find. Last year I wanted a pair of flat gladiator sandals and found something similar to these yellow ones in black at about $150. I searched around and found these yellow ones from the previous year for about $35, knocked down from about $100. I didn't plan on yellow but turns out I love them! They are BCBG.

A lot of my shoes are Nine West. I can buy them online and know they will fit. These however came from my local Elder Beerman, aka my lunchtime escape, at their yellow tag sale. I think they were $100 shoes I got for $40.


Anna Christina said...

I like the shoulder both ways. It is nice to be able to change it with your mood or jewelry.

Karin said...

Nice! I'm in a blue mood myself. Can't get enough blue at the moment. The simple shape of the skirt works well with the pattern on the fabric, and I love the tshirt pattern- chic! A pretty and practical outfit for summer!

Heather said...

Whoo hooo! Shoe info! Love the blue ones, wish I wasn't so flipping tall I could wear them.

HeathersSphere said...

You are a very pretty vision in blue. That's one cool and chic ensemble!

Melody said...

I used to hate anything maxi, but when I see people look like this in long garments, I am starting to see the light. This outfit is really nice. And I love your hair.