Thursday, July 7, 2011

Burda Magazine 2-2007-123 - From a Distance

When BWOF became Burda Magazine and reduced their pattern pages and crammed them all on two pages I cancelled my subscription. I couldn't see them to trace anything. I went back and searched ebay and picked up some old issues. This February 2007 was one of them. I bought it specifically for this pattern. I loved the neckline and the shape of the dress. I had really high expectations for it and unfortunately, it didn't live up to them.

I mean, I like it, from a distance. I cut out a 42 which is the largest they have and figured since it ran big, I'd be fine. Well, I seriously should have cut out a 38, mind you I wear a 42/44 in most Burda stuff.

After spending days fiddling with the neckline to get it to fit in some way without looking like I had droopy girls, I finally gave up and decided I had to wear a cami under it. It's a shame because the neckline was what attracted me to this pattern. And it looks rather homesewn at the neck because I had to mess with it so much.

And on top of it, I used some fabric that I loved. Well serves me right for not making a muslin or using crap fabric to try it out. I can get more of it, I think, but I'm on a fabric fast for awhile. Yes, really, it's been a couple weeks ;-)

Oh well, I'll wear it for sure, but it sadly did not live up to my hopes. I might make it again, but I will definitely cut out a much smaller size.

Up next is a TNT, Simplicity 3503, but I'm doing a different version. I'm going to sew View E as a maxi dress.


Victoria said...

Super cute dress! Love your choice of fabric. That orange really pops!

Amanda S. said...

It looks nice from here! I know where you got that fabric, and I've been eying it for several months. Now that I've seen it made up, I probably won't be able to resist purchasing some much longer.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Don't you hate when that happens! :) But like Amanda says, it looks good from here...however, you're the one who has to wear it and since it's wearable I wouldn't beat myself up about the fabric.

Anna Christina said...

I looks beautiful on you in the pictures. Maybe with the lovely fabric, you will be the only one who notices the imperfections. I sympathize with you, however. Nothing is more disappointing than an unrealized vision.

Julia said...

I like your dress very much! But I have to agree, if you sew according to your sise, you get a bigger dress. I made this dress a year ago too ))

Omega said...

It looks great from my view, but I hate when things don't turn out as expected. I love the fabric.