Thursday, July 7, 2011

Inspiration From Fellow Bloggers

I love getting inspiration from fellow bloggers. Today Amanda posted these shorts. Amanda's Adventures. I had completely forgotten that I had started making them out of leftovers from my Striped Jacket.

Mine aren't as fitted but I wanted them more skirt like. For the life of me I can't remember what size I cut but I do agree with Amanda that the waist is high. I think I cut a larger size than what I normally would have based on the look I was going for. I did take out a good inch from the crotch length and waistband. I think I tweaked these a bit too, but it's been awhile and I can't remember. Here they are anyway. Thanks Amanda for inspiring me to finish these today! I wore them all exceptionally comfortably AND stylish!

Next I made these shorts from inspiration from Rachel at Be. Mine. I fell in love with the shorts she made based on inspiration from J. Crew. I made mine out of some dusty blue linenish fabric that came to me in a mystery bundle from FabricMart. Iniitially I hated it but I love it in these shorts. I don't normally wear shorts anymore but these are either on me or in the washer!

I cut out a 14 and made no alterations. If you have a waist, you'll need to do something with that. But since I am fairly straight, they work great for me.

You can see they are wrinkled here because they just came out of the dryer ;-)

And Alana from Lazy Stitching inspired me to make Butterick 5327, shown above in the pictures with the blue shorts. I made it out of a yummy bamboo remnant but I'm sad to say that I pulled it out for the pictures here and it's shrunk! Somehow it made it to the regular wash and dry. I thought I had run it through pre-sew but I must not have. I'm hoping with some closet hanging it will stretch out again in the length. Very bummed! I loved this shirt. I did make it in a red but didn't like it as much.

I was really excited to see this on another person built more like me. She really inpsired me to make it.

Lazy Stitching


Rachel said...

Very cute shorts!!! I really love the striped ones. I have only made one pair of shorts.

Amanda S. said...

Super cute! I love the Simplicity shorts in a stripe and need to comb through my stash for another knit like it.

Karin said...

Both shorts are great! I especially like the sporty, second pair.

Linda said...

Great looking shorts. I especially like the blue ones.

MAD14kt said...

Nice STRIPES and those shoes are "SO ME" :)

Rachel said...

So, so, love both those shorts.You are very talented. You are making me want to make more shorts.