Friday, September 3, 2010

Self Stitched September

Well I saw this awhile ago and wanted to join but got busy doing all the landscaping and lost track of time, so I missed the signup before September 1. I love the idea of wearing something you made every day for a month. I do try to do that on a regular basis anyways. It's gotten to the point at work that everyone asks me if I made what I'm wearing and I get disappointed looks if I say no. If nothing else I throw on a scarf that I've made. I've also made a cami/short set that I wear to bed. I've got a couple nightgowns on the cutting table as well.

Self Stitched September

So I'll be participating in spirit. This week, since I was off and exhausted from landscaping my evening attire included a couple of these from a free pattern on

Nancy Dress

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