Friday, September 24, 2010

A diversion from sewing...Flyball

As I have said, besides sewing, dogs are my major passion. We have a houseful, 8 total, some rescue, some not, all loved. Here is my canine family:

Widget (Border collie mix)

Swiper (Border Staffy) in action

Tohrment (Border Staffy) trying dock diving

Stewie (Cattle Dog) and Vivid (White Staffy)

Swiper in the most coveted spot in the house!

Flea (Rescue rat terrier)

The Old Girls - Gracie and Treacle (Staffy Bulls)

No sewing today since I'm readying for the tournament this weekend. We host two a year and this is our annual End of Summer Slam as we call it.

Slammers Flyball

And to see Flyball in action, here's one of my favorite YouTube videos. This person out in Oklahoma does the most amazing job editing videos of Flyball tournaments. Watch your volume, it's set to music but the dogs are barking, and yes, it's this loud and more at a tournament. Any dog can play from Yorkies to Newfies, and Mutts. The reason I became involved was because I had a mixed breed dog about 15 years ago and it was the only sport that allowed them at the time.

Runnin' on Tulsa Time

We'll be heading out to St. Louis in mid-November for the U-Fli Championships at the Purina Farms! Can't wait!

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