Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Self Stitched September 12 and 13

As usually I was running late on a Monday...I didn't get to snap a picture of my outfit but I will try to piece it together for Day 12:

Here's the skirt Burda 8-2009-122 in denim.

And I've been playing with Polyvore...what a fun thing and here's the outfit I wore (more or less). It's the exact shirt, very similar shoes, except mine are 9 West and the jewelry is pretty close.

SSS 12

Day 13 - I managed to snap a shot. The skirt is what I made. It's a Burda mag skirt but I can't remember the number. It has a tulip shape and is made out of high quality quilting cotton in a tie dyed fabric. I was running late (no!) and told my DS who is 8 to pick me out something. He came back out of my closet and said, "How do you feel about something bright?" I said sure and he picked out this skirt.

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Eugenia said...

Hi Kim. I love your denim skirt - it's a really nice shape and fit. It looks like a wonderful wardrobe basic - the kind of skirt that can be worn with so many different things. Your 8 year old is an excellent stylist - the colours of the skirt he picked out for you to wear are gorgeous!