Friday, May 6, 2011

Twister Dress - Final Attempt

After pondering this yesterday, this is the quasi FBA I tried. It's sort of modelled after the FFRP Kimono sleeve FBA.

Additionally, I added the two inches at the fold and added a good inch and a half all the way up to the arm on the right. But unfortunately, I still don't think it fits they way it should if I didn't have the bust I did. I'm not willing to post the muslins, they were seriously indecent...I felt like a sausage.

This one is wearable, I think, with the right accessories. Plus it's a Tshirt cotton which will stretch out as I wear it. I have a yoga skirt out of it and by the end of the day it's almost dropping off my hips it's so stretched out.

I realized too this morning that I sewed it together wrong sides out. Not enough light in my sewing area. If I cut it open and restitch I'll lose a bit of space but I refuse to pick apart serging for this.

It's just ok. There's still so much diagonal pull across the bust that it pulls the neckline all the way over. Now I realize this kind of garment is not super drafted to fit and you can get away with certain things, but it kind of bugs me.

Now if I pull it and stretch it, it will move over to be even on my neck more.

I made this shirt awhile back and at first I hated it. I was mad that I wasted some really nice tie dyed cotton on it, but now I'm looking at it and it's ok. I don't like that the sleeve flares give no option of finishing. It looks sloppy to me, but the lines of the shirt fit a ton better than the Twister dress does on me. It's the same kind of thing with the one side longer and ruched up.

I think it could be more easily modified to look more like the Twister dress. But don't get me wrong, the Twister dress is adorable and a great little pattern. It's just drafted for smaller figures plus despite having lots of ease on top, it's not real large bust friendly. Look at the picture I posted of the creator, that's how it's supposed to fit and I can't get it to fit me like that. Wish I could though.

I may wear the Twister dress, I may not. We'll see. It was fun to play around with.

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Karin said...

You were brave to try the twister-dress. It's the sort of thing I would shy away from...somehow the fit just seems complicated.

Your shirt is great! I am surprised that you didn't like it at first. It is really cute with combat trousers.