Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Burda Magazine 11-2009-120

I finished up the skirt last night. I've been trying to make some more work appropriate quasi casual clothes since I broke my toe and can't wear any of my nice shoes, really anything other than sandals still. I managed to get a ballet flat on yesterday but it hurt by the end of the day. It was only a high of 47 F here today too and I was running around in sandals!

I loved this skirt when I first saw it but forgot about it. Someone on PR made one for the wardrobe challenge and reminded me about it. I cut it out in this Mystery Bundle linen I got from Fabric Mart awhile back. It's very nice linen, probably a blend because I didn't wrinkle like crazy today. The pictures are from the morning though, see the wet hair ;-)

This is a very nice pattern. It has a double knife pleat in the front. The pockets attach to make belt loops, but unless I read it wrong, I didn't see where you added other belt loops. I tend to really gloss over BWOF instructions though. This would be nice if you added a couple more wide loops to it but isn't needed. This skirt could be made easily with one pleat, or even with no pleats and still be really cute. I was going to make it with a single pleat out of the madras but now I'm thinking maybe no pleat at all. I'm not sure how the madras will deal with a pleat.

Great, quick easy pattern with some detail.


Anonymous said...

Very cute skirt! I have 7 Burda magazines and have yet to try one out (the tracing deters me). Love your blog.

M said...

Looks good! I've just traced it but haven't started cutting yet. I will definately try to get it done tonight.


Karin said...

Very cute! I have the same problem- I can't wear cute shoes. I can only wear shoes that take an orthotic. Yuck! It does change the clothes you wear because some clothes really do beg out for heals or dainty flat slippers which are off the menu for me.

Marie-Noƫlle said...

Great skirt. I've seen many version around and love them each time but I still have not made mine