Saturday, May 28, 2011

RTW Jumper

I saw this and fell in love with it. It looks so comfy and cute. I'm thinking I might try to knock it off. I've hardly sewn at all. I had plans to do so but as I said before, the weather broke and we were outside. Now, I'm playing catch up indoors. I did sew a bit tonight, Vogue 1027. I'm not in love with it. It got rave reviews, was a top ten a couple years back on PR, but I'm not feeling it. I've had to fiddle a ton with the bodice, the skirt hangs badly and I need to do some intense hemming. I'm going to finish it but It about got shredded tonight!

Anyway, I'll post pics when I'm done, but here's the adorable jumper. I found it on Gilt but I don't remember who made it.

I think I'll use the bodice of Simplicity 3775. I can even use the waist piece with the ruching and then add some shorts to it instead of the skirt. Not sure what shorts pattern yet. I'll have to look in my patterns.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Uggghhhh! I'd resisted buying V1027 and then I saw some other plus size sewists make some awesome dresses from I bought it the last sale. Now you're struggling and I'm scared! *LOL* Ummmm, you will show us soon, right?

K.Line said...

I love that shorts jumpsuit. LOVE. Sorry to hear about V1027. I've considered it but not taken the plunge. You know I have 50 other patterns to get through first :-) Maybe you'll save me the irritation!

Amanda S. said...

GREAT idea to knock off that adorable jumper! I may have to copy. I'm always hoping the pattern companies will release a cut romper pattern, but so far they haven't.

Amanda S. said...

Make that a "cute" romper pattern.