Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Knock Off Ideas

I'm still trying to decide if I want to join the Knock Off contest on PR. I love the contests, they are so much fun. I had some ideas which included a gorgeous Burberry Prosum dress and a black leather skirt. However, my sewing plans and wardrobe options have changed quite a bit with this broken toe. I can't get too dressed up for work when I can only wear Birkenstocks or girly looking flats. So it's a casual work wardrobe for me this summer. The toe is taking it's sweet old time healing up. I'll be lucky to get into heels by Fall I think.

So I've been looking around at some new inspirations. I liked this dress a lot. It's pretty plain but I love the shape of the neck and I think it could be very versatile for Summer casual and work casual. I have some really pretty lightweight linen in kind of a raspberry color.

J. Crew Rumi Dress

I'm thinking this pattern for it.

I found this dress on Gilt one day. It looks kind of old fashioned nurse but if you get close, which I realize you can't here, the back has a yoke and the skirt is gathered up into it. Being rather flat on the backside, I thought this detail would be pretty flattering on me. I'm not sure I'd do the dress in white though. They did have a brown version but it was kind of blah too. I like how it's simple in front with some flair in the the back.

Pinky Woven (Not sure if this link will work. The sale is almost over and you need a Gilt account to get there.)

I was thinking of starting with this pattern. The front is very similar and the back is just a regular shoulder princess seam. The back would need to be redone, at least fron the waist down to add the yoke and the gathered skirt.

McCalls 6116

Something I won't have time to do now, since if I do this for the contest, I will be getting a late start, is this Helmut Lang jacket.
Helmut Lang

I think this pattern would be a good start for it.

Vogue 1164

I have actually been sewing. I made a pair of shorts last week, a skirt and am almost done with a knit top. As I said, I really had to rethink my plans (as loose as they are) about what to make for the summer. First because of the darn toe issue and second because it's been so cold here that I'm still wearing sweaters and jeans. I'm feeling really dreary with all this rain and cold.

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Lisa said...

Lots of good options to sew up. I know what you mean about dreary weather. It's been raining and cold all week here in Montreal. I've been sewing summer knit dresses but I'm wondering why I'm bothering!