Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Burda Magazine 11-2009-120 Again

This is my second skirt from this pattern and I think it's a TNT for me. I love the shape of it and the way it sits lower on the hips. Being shortwaisted, I love lower rised things. High waist and I don't get along at all!

This time I made it out of my madras plaid my mom bought for me from Joann's quite awhile ago. It's been aging awhile. I wasn't sure what I wanted out of it.

For this version, I just cut a straight skirt, no pleat. This pattern is quite versatile in that you can do the double pleat, single pleat or no pleat. You could easily modify the pocket style or leave them off completely. For this one I cut the pockets on the bias. I probably should have interfaced them and doubled them but was kind of being lazy. They are more decorative anyway and won't be holding too much weight in them but maybe a lip gloss and a car key.

I love this pattern. This one will be put in a plastic bag and tacked to my corkboard for when I need something quick and easy that isn't a knit dress or top. You could even make this out of a nice wool for winter. I have some drapey wool plaid that I think may end up as this skirt for winter.

The last time I dressed this preppy was probably the 80's. It's fun to watch your fashion life recycle...NOT ;-) However I did pull out my distressed Guess jean jacket circa 1986 from the back of the closet to wear with my super preppy skirt. This is one of the few things I've saved from back in the day. I figured it was a plain jean jacket and someday it might come back in style...lol!


Karin said...

Nice to have a go to tnt skirt pattern! You madras version looks great, very cool and comfortable for summer. Preppy stuff never really goes completely out of style.

Eugenia said...

You are definitely on to a good thing with this pattern - this version of your skirt looks wonderful! I love the madras fabric, so nice for summer and it always looks good.

Rachel said...

I love that skirt. I'm a preppy type of girl though. fabulous job. Ps I want to see your shorts.