Thursday, August 6, 2009

Simplicity 2593 - Cynthia Rowley

My first adventure into sewing with silk actually turned out better than I thought it would. I picked a simple tank with some fun details to it. I chose the View A

I bought the pattern that went up to the 14 and should have bought the one starting at a 16 I think. I did a muslin and cut a 14 in the body and a 10 in the neck and shoulders. It fit pretty well but was a little snug so for the real blouse I added a 1/2 inch to the sides but still cut a 10 through the neck and shoulders. That little trick is a miracle for me. I just started doing it and wow...what results!

However, after seeing it on me, which I didn't notice in the muslin was that I should have done an FBA. My gathers are pulling in front. It could be the way I was standing, it's late, tired, etc. I guess it's no worse than RTW but it could be better. And damn, I should have put sleeves on it which I guess I could still do...Who's arms are those anyway in my blouse??? Blech!


Kristine said...

I think it's a great blouse, and if you're really unhappy (which you shouldn't be), make a navy jacket to wear over it during the fall and winter!

Annie said...

Another great pattern! I love the fabric that you chose. Can you share where you bought it? Was it local or internet?

P.S. A push-up bra or a minimizer bra could eliminate the pulls that you mention. I was in the lingerie business for 6 years. The different styles just have a different way of rearranging their packages. One pushes in and up, so contents are centered more towards the midline. The other redistributes, each brand in its own way.