Friday, March 18, 2011

Stripes! Vogue 8714

I was looking through some clothing websites yesterday and found this on Piperlime. I love it! I've always had a thing for stripes and love that they are "In" this season.

You can't see it here but this is a bit of a trapeze look to it. You can see more pictures here Link.

I've been wanting this pattern and although not exact, it does have the front collar of the inspiration piece. I like the shape and style of the Vogue pattern better too. With it's princess seams and peplum, it will be a lot more flattering, plus it's a "Custom Fit" pattern with the various cup sizes. The pattern calls for lightweight double knits and looking at the inspiration jacket in the zoom, it looks like a knit to me.

I could not find anything that looked similar but put a post on Pattern Review and someone pointed me to this fabric at Marcy Tilton's website. It's not the beige and black of the jacket, but grey and black, which I think will still look great. It's sturdy enough that you can cut it on the bias so I may play with that for the side front pieces or the peplum. I doubt I will line it. I just want something kind of like a cardigan but with a bit more structure.

If I can get a couple more things sewn, I may just have a mini wardrobe to enter into the contest but I'm not going to hold myself to it ;-)

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Karin said...

I like your inspiration jacket. You seem to be on a sewing roll! I hope you do manage to finish a mini-wardrobe. It would be pretty cool.