Monday, March 21, 2011

Plan B

Well it looks like the fabric I wanted is sold out. I can't find anything else similar online. I'm going to go checkout my local indie and call another one to see if they have anything but I'm not holding out hope. I ordered some of this pinstriped double knit from Gorgeous Fabrics in the meantime.

It really bums me out when I have this idea in my head that for one reason or another I can't execute! I'm sure if this pinstripe fabric will work for the jacket, I'd get a lot of wear out of it plus it would stay in style longer. But...I really wanted a striped jacket like the picture and I'm not paying $400 for one, not to mention they only size up to a 10...SERIOUSLY!

I had hopes I might be able to complete a wardrobe and there is still a small chance. I think I can do it if I can sew one shirt and a skirt which should both be easy but darn it if my house isn't totaly in need of a a full fledged cleaning. I can only ignore it for so long.

I did take a sewing detour for version 2 of the Vogue dress which now only needs the sleeves. I figured I better do it now or I wouldn't make another one.

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Heather said...

I have been looking for a heavyweight striped knit for-EVER and can't find anything. I can find RTW clothes made out of it, but no fabric source. It's irritating.