Sunday, January 29, 2012

Playing Catch Up

I've been too busy to blog lately and I was reminded by someone that I hadn't updated my blog in! So here is a quick pictorial update of what I have been sewing.

I have been participating in the Fabric Stash contest but really just don't have time to document everything with reviews. But, at least I am sewing stash fabric.

First up...Dress up clothes.

Midi Length bias cut skirt..McCalls 6438. I modified it to cut on the fold and bias. I'm not sure if it was the changes I made or the pattern but the waistband didn't match up right. It's just kind of an ok pattern. I cut View C.

It's an ok skirt. The fabric was cheapy stuff off the red tag tables at Joann's but it's really soft. Not my most stellar work.

Butterick 5243:

I've had this pattern for years. I think it was one of the first patterns I bought. The fabric was a Fabricmart mystery bundle cut. I don't know why I haven't made it. I'm glad I did now. I made a straight size 14 and it fit well, except if I make it again I will add an inch to the bodice. It isn't a hard pattern but the collar adds some time to it as does all the gathering for the sleeves. I think I might make this again for summer with the short sleeves. I really like the lines of the pattern.

Next Vogue 8581

Once again, another stash fabric and pattern I have had forever. I have been tormenting myself with gathering!!! Both the neckline and sleeves are gathered on this. I made a second one which I don't have a picture of with casings and elastic on both instead of gathering. It is a slightly different look but went together so much faster. I will be making this for summer too in the short sleeved version. I really like it. My favorite thing is the high armcyes! It's a peasant top but it doesn't look like I'm swimming in it.

Elepant Skirt...I think it's Butterick 5466

I think I have a couple more things to post but need to take pictures. The sewing room is going to get broken down and minimized to put the house up for sale. So the sewing will be less...


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

The dress, the peasant top and the elephant skirt are all stunning! You make me want to find a kewl piece of fabric and make one for myself.

As for the sale of the house, the packing and moving, you have my sympathies especially since I've recently done the same.

velosewer said...

The non-dress up pieces are really flattering on you. You've chosen great stash pieces and styles. All the best with the house sale.

Mary said...

Really lovely pieces and I especially like that Vogue peasant top on you. The elephant fabric is awesome!!

LinB said...

Wow, you've been busy! I think that the "not my best efforts" pieces are just fine. (We forget, sometimes, that not everything we sew for ourselves has to be a marvel of manufacture.) And the little girl who's getting the dress-up clothes had better hug you around the neck for her bonanza -- what a haul you've sewn up for her.

Tia Dia said...

Wow! You've been a very busy sewer! The polka dot dress is lovely. I love dots! The blue gathered top is gorgeous - I've got one similar in my queue - and I love that elephant fabric!

Victoria said...

Wow, you've been really productive!!! Nice looks. Love the peasant top and elephant skirt! Super cute!