Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dress Up Clothes

Ok, well I'm going to give these a try. Some of this fabric is going to be hideous to work with but it doesn't have to be gorgeous.

I picked up a pattern for 99 cents at Hobby Lobby, McCalls 5732. Despiste the horrible pictures, it has a couple cute dresses.

Here are the lovely fabrics.

From L - R: Poly charmeuse, open weave crochet in pastels and glitter, purple poly charmeuse, lavender acetate lining, turquoise poly something, some poly chiffon stuff.

Green poly stretch velvet...ooooh

I think I'm going to start with the green stuff and View B on the pattern. Kind of going for the medieval princess thing...then if that works I'll go on to some of the other fabrics.

Wish me luck!


LinB said...

Umm. Are these dress up clothes for you? 'Cause I'm just gonna say, I love the sleeves on the view you've selected.

Kim said...

No, they are for a little girl to play dress up...not me ;-)

However, this pattern does come in Misses sizes if you like the dress.

LinB said...

Yay! Although I'll probably look like a fairy godmother gone to seed wearing it. Perhaps I should style it with a cigarette holder and a brandy snifter.

Rachel said...

You are awesome to make someone you love dress up clothes. Little girls love dress up. I make be making a princess dress this year. Fun...either way good luck girl.