Friday, January 28, 2011

Spring Palette Challenge at Colette Patterns

Spring Palette Challenge

I'm not much for "Challenges" or "SWAPS" because I'm way to fickle. This one, however, looked like fun. I love the idea of a wardrobe based on a palette and this one was easy, basically no rules...gotta love it! So I played around today, even though I'm hitting the tail end of the submit your palette portion of it.

I went with a palette of mostly blues and oranges which is one of my favorite combinations. I adore orange. Mostly the inspiration came from a piece of orange silk fabric with blue chysanthemums on it that I want to use for Vogue 1228.

I have several other lovely pieces of fabric including some periwinkle/navy cotton knit stripes, some coral crepe knit, white denim for a skirt, and some others I will take pictures of when I put them together with my pattern ideas. I'm on a bit of a fabric diet so I'm trying to use up stash. But I have lots of yummy fabrics to choose from!

But for now, here is the inspiration board. Can you tell I have the winter blahs???

Now, there's no guarentee I will finish but it was fun to plan it out. As I said, there aren't any requirements on how many things you sew.

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Anonymous said...

They are pretty colours Kim, looking forward to seeing what you make.