Friday, January 7, 2011

Jalie 2679

I bought some gorgeous Polartec fleece in December with a gift certificate from my mom for my birthday. It's thicker than the regular Polartec and it's got wind resistance in it. It's also a yummy bluish, teal color, whic is one of my favorites.

I've been planning on making myself a new fleece soon and found out there was yet another contest on Pattern Review for Activewear so what better time to sew it up. Plus, I have so many work clothes now and my closet is overflowing!

I decided on the Jalie 2679. I've had this pattern for probably 2 years and for whatever reason have not sewn it up yet. I had such great success with their scarf top that I really wanted to make this.

I'm pretty sure this is the fabric I bought, in
Aquamarine. I got it at my local indie though.


I cut it out the other night and started sewing it up last night. I'm not happy at all with how I put the zippers in for the pockets. To me they just look shabby. I also just realized in reading the description of the fabric from the site above, that I used the wrong side as the right side. I angst over which was which and thought the nubbier side was probably the right side. Well, looks like I was wrong.

From the site: Polartec Wind Pro fabric features a unique suede velour face and a pebbled back

Luckily, I have another 2/3 of a yard left so I can recut out the small pieces for the pockets and redo them. Truthfully, I 'm not a huge fan of those side/front pockets in fleece jackets. I rarely ever use them because I find the placement irritating and I can never get the zippers up/down easily. I may just leave them off entirely. Maybe I'll see if I can figure out how to do an interior pocket instead.

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