Saturday, January 29, 2011

Palette Challenge Fabrics

I went through my fabrics last night and was amazed at how many I had in this palette. I guess I do love blues and oranges. I was wrong about the silk that had inspired me, it was only orange and cream, no blue in it. I think I was thinking about another fabric I had wanted to purchase but didn't.

From left to right top row: Cotton stretch knit, crepey chiffon that is almost see through, blue ponte, rayon knit
Middle row: white denim, orange/cream silk, blue/green rayon knit, coral polyester crepe stretch.
Second middle: Blue linen, Blue/white polka dot faille
Bottom row: Flowered faille, blue/blue cotton knit, light orange cotton woven

Obviously, I'm not going to sew all these right now, but I just threw them together for more inspiration. Now I just need to match them up with patterns. Right now I'm thinking about using the white denim for a skirt, maybe the blue linen for some sailor pants or shorts, the blue polka dots for a Macaroon dress and the orange silk for a Vogue 1228 out of the new collection. I do need a shirt or two and I'm thinking about a couple I like. I'm going to let it sink in a bit before I decide. Then again, I'm famous for changing things as I go though.


Eugenia said...

Very pretty collection of fabrics - I love the colours! You're going to get some great outfits from these.

Victoria said...

Beautiful fabrics!