Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catching Up!

Ok, so I've been a bad blogger lately. As I said, I did finish my fleece coat and have worn it a ton! Unfortunately, I've been either too busy or too sick to take photos of it. I'm hoping to get out this weekend and take some pictures. I want to take them outside and it's been Arctic up here lately.

I did manage to sew one thing since then. The infamous Tippi Hedren dress, AKA, BWOF 2-2008-103. I started my BWOF subscription in April 2008 so I have been on the hunt for this issue since then. I finally won a copy on ebay, and paid WAY too much for it, but darn it, it's so worth it! I absolutely love this dress! I made a quick, cheap version out of the $1 a yard Vera Wang poly from FabricMart. I bought a boatload of the stuff in various colors just for this purpose, to try out new patterns. This one is a navy blue. I finished it just in time to take a business trip and wore in on the plane down. I have plans to make at least 2 more. Here's the line drawing:

I will definitely make it short sleeved for the summer and am thinking about a leopard print one in some thin sweater knit. I already have a leopard print dress but a girl could use a couple, couldn't she???

Since I got back from my business trip, I've been busy rearranging and reorganizing my house. Winter blahs I think. I hit Ikea and spent way too much money. Part of it was the sewing area, but I still need to finish it. So the sewing area is kind of under construction at the moment. I was stressed out last night though and needed some sewing therapy so I managed to cut out a skirt real quick amidst the chaos.

The fabric is a gorgeous gray wool with blue embroidered flowers. Instead of using the flowers as a border on the bottom, I laid out the pattern the wrong way and have them running up and down. I'm hoping to finish it tonight, then I promise some pictures.


Anonymous said...

Hope you're all better now :)
I like the dress pattern you've picked, absolutely you should use a leopard print. The skirt with embroidered flowers sounds lovely too.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Can't wait to see the new dress and skirt!