Tuesday, November 13, 2012

McCalls 6656

So up next is McCall's 6656.  I saw a picture of a knit motorcycle type jacket and loved it.  I can't find it now but you get the gist.  So I saw this pattern and thought it was perfect.  NOPE!  This picture looks fitted to me...does it not?  Ok, so read the pattern description and it says, " Loose-fitting, unlined jackets or coats have front extending into collar, front princess seams, and two-piece sleeves"

Alright, so then I looked at the finished measurements and the XL has a finished bust measurement of 45.  Perfect, just a little room.  The package says I should be an XL.  So I cut an XL in the body and a Large in the shoulders.  OMG was this huge!!!  The armcyes are down to my waist and I could fit another person in the coat with me.  I took in the sides a full 2 inches on each side, so a total of 4 inches.  It's short too.  Even if left unfinished it would be short.  I'm going to have to add a piece to the bottom so it's not riding up my back all the time.

There is SO much shoulder cap ease which I completely took out, but the sleeves are very narrow.  I kept thinking it weird because I made it out of a knit/fleece type material but I don't think so.  I am really bummed about it.  I was so hoping for this look below but it looks nothing like it.  Maybe it was just my expectations of the pattern but I am very disappointed in it.  I keep thinking I may buy it again in the XS, S, M size and cut a Medium out and see what it fits like.  But I'd have to adjust the sleeves....ugh

I'm trying to salvage it so I can at least wear it around the house.  It's super cozy, warm fabric and such a waste.  It looks OK on the mannequin and I just have the sleeves pinned on.


velosewer said...

I feel for you.
A good jacket pattern that fits well is really important and this style is lovely.

Jenny said...

Aww I'm sorry your jacket didn't work out. Just wanted to let you know I've passed on the Liebster Award to you ~ I hope you like it (please look at my blog for more info)