Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Vogue 8631

This pattern has turned out to be a favorite of mine. Vogue 8631. This is version 3. I actually sewed it awhile back but never got around to posting pics or a review. The last two times I've made this I used a knit. I wanted to try it in a woven this time. I originally purchased this fabric to make another Vogue wrap dress but used some of it in the lining of my Leather Coat so I didn't have quite enough for the one I had wanted to make.

I still have some fitting issues with this pattern. I cut out a 14 for the woven, which was still big in the shoulders. I had to take it up a good 2 inches because otherwise I get the droopy boobie effect which looks horrible. I am very short waisted though. On the bright side, there is no need for an FBA in this dress. Despite the adjustments, which are simple, I love the silouette of this dress. It's become my go to shape for my figure. It's very similar in shape to the Vogue 1220 dress, kind of tulip shaped.

I wore it yesterday to work and got many unsolicited comments from total strangers, including men, which is odd because they don't usually comment on things like someone's dress. Or maybe I'm just used to my oblivious husband who didn't utter a word about how I looked yesterday....grrrr...well that's a whole 'nother can o'worms!

Anyways, I love this dress and will definitely make more! And yes, I have on blue socks...I was feeling funky;-)


Sarah C said...

I like the dress! Great job!

Amanda S. said...

It's a fabulous dress! You really know how to dress your shape. Your styling with the black top and belt is just perfect, and I like the unexpected bit of blue peeking out too!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

This dress does work so well for your shape and I love your choice of fabric as well as the accessories!

narcissaqtpie said...

Love this! You got me wanting to make it again.

Dharma said...

I really like how you styled your dress. Sometimes I see a short sleeve dress and I think it can only be worn in the summer. Thanks for sharing.