Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Meet me in St. Louis and some new projects

On a sewing vacation after the leather jacket. Not that I needed it since I really had a blast sewing it but it's time again for my other hobby, Flyball. Tomorrow morning we are heading down to St. Louis, Purina Farms outside of St. Louis to be exact, for the United Flyball League, Int. yearly Flyball Championships. We will get to race some of the top Flyball teams in North America. We also get to compete in an amazing new building designed specifically for canine competetion. We are coming up in the world. Usually we are in a dank, roughly concreted building with a tin roof on some fairgrounds. This is going to be wonderful!

Event Center

And when I get back, I have a couple projects planned. The first is a dress or maybe two for some parties we are attending this holiday season. I'm trying to be good and not buy any fabric (teehehe...we'll see how that goes). The first is probably going to be out of this gorgeous muted tangerine colored silk jersey. The second (if I have enough fabric) will be out of this metallic jersey that is so pretty. I've been sitting on it since last fall waiting for the perfect thing to make out of it. It seems to be a waste to make just a shirt out of it. It needs something important.

Then it's time to make a winter coat. I have this luscious olive green camel hair that's all prepped and ready to go. There's a winter wear contest on Pattern Review that runs from Dec 1 to 31 and I'll probably wait to cut it out until then. I haven't yet decided for sure on the pattern. It'll probably be the Vogue, but maybe the Simplicity. I like the back of the Vogue but the seam across the front of the Simplicity...decisions, decisions.


Michelle said...

How long are you in St. Louis? Email me if you want to meet up!

Anonymous said...

I love the patterns you have chosen and also the fabrics. Looking forward to seeing the finished items.