Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vogue 2333 - Diane von Furstenberg Vintage

O' Summer, where are you? So I couldn't wait til summer was here before, but now I have new stuff to wear, so get here already! I finished the dress last night. I had to hand hem the slits, the arms and the hem...whew! I tried to blind hem but the rayon didn't want to cooperate. It looked pretty bad.

I'm pretty happy with the dress. I've had this fabric for two years now and couldn't figure out what to make out out of it. It's rayon so it will be very cool come summer time. It has gorgeous drape as well, perfect for a cowl neckline.

This is my first attempt at a "vintage" pattern. I'm not sure how old a pattern has to be to be considered vintage. I'm guessing this one is late 70's early 80's. I couldn't find a date on the pattern. It's a very simple dress. The bodice is cowl neckline cut on the bias, extended shoulders, no sleeves and the skirt is a simple straight skirt with angled pockets. The waist is just elasticized. This is longer than I usually wear dresses. It hits mid calf and I'm not sure how I feel about the length. I couldn't make it much shorter without ruining the side slits.

I haven't had the inclination to make anything very challenging lately. I'm trying to reduce some stash. I really want to make several simple, comfortable summer dresses to run around in this year. This one however is a bit more dressy and will be a work dress or for going out to dinner.

It looks much better in person. I really don't photograph well.


Eugenia said...

Stunning dress - great style and beautiful fabric. I love the bold print. You look wonderful in this dress.

Michelle said...

That is great fabric! I think that dress is perfect...a rather simple silhouette for a show-stopping fabric. It will be perfect for summer, and can be dressed up with hose and heels, or dressed down with a pair of sandals. Great work!!

K.Line said...

I think you look beautiful! Lovely fabric.