Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let there be light (and power for my sewing machine)!

We got our power back on! Yeah! Way to go power company (whom I happen to work for)! Considering all the damage done with this storm, I'm extremely happy to have it back in just two days. So last night I kicked on the AC and turned on some lights and cut out a pattern.

I've been dying to try this one Vogue 1179, another DKNY pattern.

It looks pretty shapeless to me but loads of internet sewers have posted pictures of it and it ends up looking quite pretty on them. Even women built like me! Isn't that the best thing about sharing what we sew, seeing normal women who look like us in clothes we want to make. I rarely ever make things that I don't end up liking, mostly because I can see what it will look like on me through seeing it on others. Of course I have my wadders, but that's usually because I'm taking a chance on something that might or might not work.

Speaking of a chance, I'm also just about ready to cut out McCalls 6083. I just loved that jumper/romper so much. I was going to franken pattern something but then realized I had this pattern which was nearly identical. Close enough for me. I have some cheapy cotton knit that I'm going to try it out with. If I like it, I am going to make it up in some black bamboo knit or something equally soft and breathable for summer.

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Shannon said...

That Vogue pattern looks really cool. You are so right about seeing things made up on others on the net. I can't count the times I've bought a pattern just because I saw it on a blog and it looked so fabulous on the sew-er.