Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I finished the Simplicity dress and I got a "Looks great" from hubby who usually just grunts at me if I ask. So, I think it turned out well but I've been too swamped to get pictures. Soon!

So now on to my score! I'm a shoe addict and have quickly become a designer shoe addict. I am constantly stalking shoe sites for good deals. The other day I stumbled upon these babies at Amazon who has some of the best deals on shoes. But you have to act quickly, these shoes are already $100 more than I paid for them now. I managed to swipe them for 70% off! I've found them on sale but not that good.

I'm totally in love! They are totally sassy and I feel great in them.

Proenza Schouler


Eugenia said...

Great shoes, very sharp. I love that red stitching.

Melody said...

Oh, get out!! I LOVE those shoes!