Saturday, August 13, 2011

Vogue 1224 Again (and some misc)

I was really on the fence with making the dress again. I made it here. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it on me either. I have worn it and do get some compliments on it though. I found this fabric at Haberman's here in Royal Oak. I stopped on my way to a Girls Weekend, it was on the way ;-). And as luck would have it, they were having their summer sale. This is a Betsey Johnson print. It's a poly knit with some sheen to it but not a ton of stretch. It kind of reminds me of silk jersey. Usually Betsey Johnson is too frilly for me but I loved the print on this and immediately thought of this pattern.

I decided I would not do the bodice lengthening I did on the first one since I think the extra drapiness (or droopiness) bothered me. I did cut an 18 because I didn't want it too snug and with my bizarre weight fluctuations I wanted to be safe. I did add 2 inches to the length. Twenty years ago I would have worn it the length the pattern calls for, but not now. It's still pretty short and I'm only 5'3".

I left off the ties and just completely enclosed the elastic on the top. I don't like the ties on the other one. They kind of annoy me and I hate putting button holes in knits!

I did line the skirt on this one like the pattern calls for and used the casing provided.

Well, I'm really glad I decided to make this again. But, I'm glad I didn't force it. It needed this fabric. I really love this dress and I can still get some wear out of it for late summer, early fall.

Now for the misc. part. I was home with my son last week and while I can get some sewing done, it's gotta be quick, easy stuff. So, in part because I really lack easy seperates and all the "Hey, Mom's" I was bound to get. I decided to sew up some shirts. I had planned on 5, but got up to 3. I did also get 2 skirts out of the deal too though.

All the shirts are McCalls 6078.

I have one View A, which is the criss cross back and two View B which is the sleeveless cowl front. I did have plans for View C but got sidetracked when I decided I wanted a skirt. I was feeling fat and wanted something cute but comfy. I never wear elastic waist skirts, never! They usually look horrible on me but I really like this one. It's drafted well and it flows away from the body nicely. I ended up making two of them.

The skirt is New Look 6816. I bought it for the top a long time ago. I made the top but really didn't know much about sewing knits 2 or 3 years ago and it didn't turn out well. I'm sure it would be better now and may make one up.


Melizza said...

All the tops look so lovely on you. I will have to take note of those patterns you used.

The fabric choice for the dress is fab. Great for a garden party.

Eugenia said...

I love your second version of vogue 1224 - the fabric is gorgeous. I am very impressed with how quickly you have turned out three tops and two skirts - you have got some wonderful outfits there!

LunaLoo said...

I am short too and find these looks very flattering and proportionately perfect, you did a nice job on these outfits. They look very comfortable. I am going to try this look for myself.