Thursday, September 24, 2009

The hurry-er I go, the behinder I get...

Busy, busy, busy...We've been going non-stop for the past couple weeks so no updates. We've had a Flyball tournament every two weeks for the past 6 I think, and another next weekend, and another two weekends later!

So, I entered the Wardrobe contest on Pattern Review with hopes of finishing but we'll see. I do have 1 skirt done, and after sewing last night, two shirts done but needing hemmed. I haven't done any reviews but will get to them soon. Here's my storyboard (as always subject to change):

My plan was to make a pair of fun, casual black pants, but after wearing my old black work pants to death, decided I need a new pair. I have some lovely RPL from Gorgeous Fabrics that I will probably use. I'm still trying to keep this more of a casual wardrobe. I may end up not finishing because I really want to make a winter coat. I bought this at the last Vogue Patterns sale at Joann's: Vogue 8607. I didn't even notice at the first sale, but bought it at the second one. I wear a lot of raglan and kimono sleeved shirts and hate it when a coat isn't and bunches them up. I think this will be perfect, plus it's a "Very Easy" pattern for my first winter coat. I have some great Royal Blue Wool Melton but I think it will be too thick for the pleats on the front and back. I also have some thinner plum/purple wool that will pleat better but I'll need to try and interline. I cannot get a link to work to the pattern...ugh!

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