Monday, January 5, 2009

What have I done lately?

I really don't understand how so many people keep up such wonderful blogs and still sew and have a life. I seriously cannot keep up! I did manage to do a couple pattern reviews at least. So, here's a quick synopsis of what I have completed...
BWOF 10-2008-115
In a gorgeous fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics that I can't seem to find on the website anymore. I have yet to do a review of it, so I have no pictures. It's a thin grey wool with a jersey underneath that was actually very easy to work with.
<> I also made this from the same issue BWOF 10-2008-101/102. I used the main short jacket but subbed in the 3/4 length sleeves from the longer jacket. This was my first attempt at a jacket of any kind, let alone a lined one. It took some extra brain power but I managed to figure it out and really like it.

Well that's all the blogging I can handle for one day. I get very frustrated trying to make all this stuff line up pretty and go in right...grrrr!

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