Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vogue 8379 Twice

I finally had a chance to have the hubby take some pictures for me. This pattern is so far my favorite pattern. I make a straight 14 with no alterations in size. I did however do something to the sleeves which I now cannot remember...oops. I'll post more of my measurements on PR in the review.
The first one is my summer dress that I wore the heck out of. It's a great poly jersey from my local, most awesome, fabric store http://www.fabricgallery.net/. I saw the fabric and immediately thought it would be great for this pattern.

The next one I just finished last night. I'm embarrassed of the picture and am reluctant to post it because it makes me look so frumpy. Really, it doesn't look this bad in person. Maybe I was slouching or it blended...no clue. I have another picture from my cell phone that actually shows the shape better but the color is horribly off.

The fabric is a wonderful jersey poly from http://www.gorgeousfabrics.com/ that I'm assuming is sold out. I actually bought it while it was still in the "What's New" section and I never do that. I just fell in love with it. This one I did the 3/4 sleeves and the collar version.


Michelle L. said...

Your's turned out great! I love both fabrics, the long-sleeved version is super-classy. Fab job!

Kim said...

Thanks Michelle! Your dresses were my inspiration!