Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest 2015

I have not blogged in FOREVER!

I have been so bad about blogging.  I barely even get garments reviewed on Pattern Review.  I have been sewing, quite a bit actually.  Some things have to give though time wise and blogging was one of them.  But, I miss it, and I am going to try and keep up with it. 

So I got another new job...this is my 5th new job since I moved to Montana....and my last.  It's the job I'd been looking for and could not find.  I wasn't even really looking for this job but it happened to pop up in my email one day from LinkedIn and I thought I'd be an idiot for not applying.  I didn't like the job I was currently in but didn't have the energy to look.  In all honesty, I put very little effort into getting this new job, but it was obviously meant to be.  I love it!  I really like the work and my coworkers.  So, to the wardrobe contest.  I'd been wearing jeans to work, which at first I didn't like because I missed my dress up clothes but by the end, I'd adjusted.  The new job was business casual and I used that term loosely.  I needed new clothes! 

I started out trying to sew up something French Girl Chic inspired.  I wanted some nice basics in neutral colors that I get a ton of wear out of and mix with my current clothes.  But, this is Montana, so I wanted to add a little Big Sky Country flair.  I have really come to love Montana!

I really like how my wardrobe turned out.  I even like how my pictures turned out but if you take 150 pictures, a couple are bound to turn

Here are the composite pictures and a link to a bunch of other ones on Photobucket.

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